UF Starfleet Marine Corps Training and Doctrine Command

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UF Starfleet Marine Corp Training and Doctrine Command
General Data
*Fleet Affiliation: N/A
*Founded: 2383
*Status: Active
*Location: UF Starfleet Marine Corps Headquarters
*Homebase: UF Starfleet Marine Corps Headquarters
Branch Staff
*Branch Commander: Jonathan Wilson
*Vice Commander: Vacant
*Aide de Camp: Vacant
Branch Structure


The UF Starfleet Marine Corp Training and Doctrine Command (TRACOM) of the United Federation Starfleet Marines are the personnel that ensure that all UFSMC Personnel (Officers & Enlisted) obtain & maintain proficiency in all areas required for them, to perform assigned duties efficiently and professionally. TRACOM is also responsible for creating and updating the protocols and procedures of the UFSMC.

Command Staff

UF Starfleet Marine Corps TRACOM Staff
Commanding Officer, Training and Doctrine Command G-a1.png Jonathan Wilson
Executive Officer, Training and Doctrine Command G-blank.png
Director of UF Starfleet Marine Academy G-blank.png
Marine Infantry Commander G-o7.png Jester Spearmann
Marine Flight Commander G-o7.png Penney Lancaster
Marine Support Commander G-blank.png
Marine Armor Commander G-blank.png
Marine Medical Commander G-blank.png
Marine Engineering Commander G-blank.png
Marine Special Operations Commander G-blank.png