USS Nightingale (NPC Ship)

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Deployment Information


The USS Nightingale was launched from the Marin County Shipyards in 2372. It served as a hospital ship in the Dominion War providing assistance to the Teplan population after the Jem'hadar introduced the plague to the Teplan homeworld. The Nightingale underwent a minor refit in 2380 before being re-assigned to United Federation Starfleet in 2381.

She is currently under the command of the Benzite Captain Mendak

Starship Design Statistics

  • Length : 240 Meters
  • Beam : 90 Meters
  • Draft : 96 Meters
  • Displacement : 4.000.000 Metric Tons
  • Cargo Capacity : Mission Dependent
  • Hull Type : Duranium & Tritanium Composite
  • Decks : 23
  • Officers : 70
  • Crew : 290
  • Evacuation Capacity : 1360


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