USS Talisman

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USS Talisman
To Boldly go
*Registry: NCC-71934
*Faction: UF Starfleet
*Fleet: 1st Fleet
*Base of Operations: SS Tranquility Station
*Ship Yard: Cascadia Shipyards
*Ship Designer: Advanced Starship Design Bureau
*Operational Status: Decommissioned
Design Specifications
*Type: Tactical Explorer
*Overall Length: 860 meters
*Beam: 356 meters
*Decks: 40 decks
Designed Capacities
*Crew Compliment: 250 Officers, 600 enlisted, 288 marines, 200 passengers
Tactical Systems
Engineering Specifications
*Cruising Speed: Warp 8
*Maximum Speed: Warp 9.9 (emergency velocity Warp 9.99 for 36 hours)
Senior Staff
Ship Patch


The USS Talisman NCC-71934 was a Champion Class Starship launched in under the command of

Crew Manifest


Construction and Initial Assignment

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