Cooking with Star Trek

October 21, 2022
October 21, 2022 Hal Jordan

Cooking with Star Trek

From the very beginning, Star Trek has been full of food references. In the second episode ever aired, Charlie X, the chef put meat loaf into the ovens but turkeys came out. In The Trouble With Tribbles, Captain Kirk found tribbles on his replicator tray instead of the chicken sandwich and coffee that he had ordered. Deanna Troi seemed to have a never-ending appetite for ice cream.

The Bajorans prepared a hot and spicy rolled up sandwich called Hasperat, and if you were in the mood for a sweet treat, you could try a jumja stick. The Cardassians loved their Yamok sauce, the Ferengi had a taste for Jellied gree-worms, the Klingons enjoyed Gagh, Rokeg blood pie, and Heart of targ washed down with Bloodwine, the Talaxians seemed to eat just about anything, and the Vulcans enjoyed a nice bowl of plomeek soup.

Wouldn’t you love to cook all of these foods at home, yourself? Well now you can! Rachel P. Kreiter wrote the article with the “troubling” name, which reviews two Star Trek cookbooks. The article is written for readers who aren’t Trekkies. She explains about the different Trek characters for those who haven’t seen the shows.

The foreword to the 2022 cookbook, by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, is written from the point of view of a Starfleet “Gastrodiplomat” lecturing a group of Starfleet Cadets in 2382. Each recipe includes some information about its planet of origin. For example, Kavarian Olive Oil is made from Kavarian olives, which are one of the favorite foods of the Kavarian tiger-bat. The cookbook is labeled as “Culinary Adventures in the Final Frontier.”

The foreword to the 1999 cookbook is written by Armin Shimerman (Quark), and the introduction is written by co-author Ethan Phillips (Neelix). Each one of the recipes comes from a different Star Trek actor or character, for example, Ensign Kim‘s Rice Noodles in Milk, Jeri Ryan‘s “Seven of Nine Steamed Chadre Kab,” and Leonard Nimoy‘s Kasha Varnishkas a la Vulcan.” The Amazon preview of the book shows its Table of Contents and its Index, so you can see the wide variety of foods available for you to concoct. The cookbook is labeled as “The official cookbook from Star Trek’s first chef! An exploration of Star Trek cuisine for the Earthbound.”

Now I know two books that will be added to my wish list in the near future. And I don’t know about you, but all this information about food is making me hungry!


Star Trek Cookbook (1999) at Amazon

The Star Trek Cookbook (2022) at Amazon

The Trouble With Trek Food


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