Remembering Dean Stockwell

November 12, 2021
November 12, 2021 Harryheath Resident

Remembering Dean Stockwell

by LT Harry Heath

Dean Stockwell was born March 5, 1936 in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, to Broadway actors Harry and Elizabeth Stockwell. You could say a career as an actor was in his blood – he took on his first role at the age of seven where he was cast in the Theater Guild production of Paul Osborn’s play, ‘The Innocent Voyage,’ Besides his successful 70-year career as a performer, Dean was a committed environmentalist and also a visual artist — he preferred to create collages and sculptures — he would often use an array of coloured dice as the basis of his sculptures..

Dean was best known in the sci-fi world for his portrayal of holographic Admiral Al Calavicci in the television series ‘Quantum Leap’ alongside his co-star, Scott Bakula. QL ran for five successful and entertaining seasons between 1989 to 1993. In 1990 Dean received a Golden Globe for best performance as an actor in a supporting role and was granted a converted place on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. He also appeared in a number of notable films including ‘Dune’, ‘The Player’, ‘Air Force One,’ and ‘The Rainmaker’. He appeared in other tv shows such as ‘JAG’ and ‘Battlestar Galactica;’ and he won a second Golden Globe for his performance in the movie ‘Married to the Mob’ — for which he also received an Oscar nomination.

In 2002, Dean reunited with his longtime co-star Scott Bakula in the season one episode of ‘Star Trek: Enterprise:’ in “’Detained” he portrayed the role of Colonel Grat, a Tandaran military officer stationed on a prison moon within Tandaran space. Seeing the two back on screen together after a number of years apart brought much joy to both ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Quantum Leap’ fans.

Dean sadly passed away at the age of 85 on November 7th this year. He enjoyed a very long and successful career in theatre, tv and film. He was one of the few actors left from the ‘Golden Age of Hollywood’ and worked with countless actors in his time. He will be missed by many.


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