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The Office of Computer Operations (CompOps in abbreviated form) is the coordinating authority for all UFS online representations, as well as the external communities. CompOps coordinates and structures all the information online and manages the (regular) updates to these communities. Hide the bacon.

Moderators: Eddie Hagoromo, Andrew Kerr

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Eddie Hagoromo
Command - Rear Admiral
Command - Rear Admiral
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A few of you may know that I have gone quiet/disappeared recently. This is due to some issues that is happening in real life that I am taking time off to sort myself out (of which I am slowly recovering and picking myself back up).

My Vice, Lt Andrew Kerr has been stepping up once he was aware of my RL issue and has been keeping the team running in my absence. From sorting issues members that are submitted to CompOps, questions from other Joint Chiefs offices, ideas brewing, working closely with other projects that are in the works, words cannot be said for how much I appreciate him for picking up my slack lately!

I want to thank him with this little coin that I have dug deep in the office drawer for all the effort he is putting in while I am away, and I hope everyone would appreciate the hard work he has done thus far.

Thank you Lt Andrew Kerr for everything!

Alpha Company Graduate

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Luciano Skar-Machado
Command - Commodore
Command - Commodore
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Congrats, Andy! Well earned!
In Service,
Commodore Luciano Skar-Machado
UFS Chief of Staff
Commanding Officer - Starbase 755, SS Nimbus
Starbase 755 Discord Server
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Andrew Kerr
Sciences - Lieutenant
Sciences - Lieutenant
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Thank you very much, that is very nice of you.
Lt Andrew Kerr
SS Nimbus

Vice-Chief Computer Operations
Head of Support in Computer Operations

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Harryheath Resident
Security - Lieutenant JG
Security - Lieutenant JG
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Congratulations Andrew! Well deserved. Always so quick and helpful whenever I have to submit a ticket for UFS Comms!
Lt. JG. Harry Heath
Security Officer - Vice Chief
USS Thor NCC-122355

Chief of Staff to the Chief of UF Starfleet Communications

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Keitha02 Resident
Sciences - Lieutenant
Sciences - Lieutenant
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Andrew what can i say brother, apart from big congrats you deserve it thank you for all your hard work

Lt Kestral Roffo
Science Officer
Pinastri HQ
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Poison Toocool
Command - Vice Admiral
Command - Vice Admiral
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Congrats Andy!!
VAdm | Command | CO USS Taylorholic Durant

-Chief of UF Starfleet Communications
-UFS Honor Guard Commander
-UFSA Moodle Manager

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Evelyn Rieko
Command - Captain
Command - Captain
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Congratulations Andrew! I appreciate all you do!
Captain Evelyn Rieko
Executive Officer | USS Taylorholic Durant
Squadron Mentor | UFSA Halley Squadron
Director | UFSA Activities ... elyn_Rieko]Access
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