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Oversees day to day operations of UF Starfleet Marine Corps, leader and supervisor of all functions of the Corps, including TRACOM, FORCECOM and more.
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Cipher Rhode
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From: Spearhead

To: SGM-UFS Christopher "Cipher" Rhode

BCC: To selected volunteers at Team Leader's choosing

Objective: Secure tactical-sensitive and intelligence-sensitive sites, gather evidence for study


After the Hobus Supernova of 2389, the entire galaxy fell into disarray, with the United Federation of Planets not being immune to the effects. Initially being blamed for our slowness or inability to act in a more timely matter, many planets and colonies sued for and was later granted succession from the Federation, Eontria colony included.

After years of war and rebuilt peace within the Galaxy, Eontria, aka, Outer Heaven, has been courted as of late by our Diplomatic Corps for reentry into the Federation.

OFFICIALLY: Diplomatic talks are still ongoing and the next meeting is to be announced.

UNOFFICIALLY: We have not heard from the colony within the last 6 months.

DC thought at first that they were busy tending to their affairs. But as the usual diplomatic cables continued to go unanswered, and little to no space traffic to and from the system, DC is now concerned.

Sections Eight, Nine, and 31 had assets on the ground through our Mission as attaches, but none have been heard from, which now concerns Command as this particular colony. While very rich in rare and unique resources, this colony come under territorial contention between different factions and actors in and outside the planet.


Deploy a small Recon team to reconnoiter the Area of Operations lead by the Team Leader. While in the AO, the Team will secure any and all tactical-sensitive and intelligence-sensitive sites and collect any and all evidence at these sites. We need to know what happened to this colony and who, what, or why it has gone dark.

This mission would be diplomatically sensitive as DC needs to report to much higher powers that be as to what's going on with this AO. It would look very bad for us if we lost track of a colony that felt forgotten in the first place.


Rules of Engagement is in full effect. DO NOT fire unless fired upon or if civilian life is in immediate danger.

If any openly hostile forces present themselves as a threat to the team or to civilian life, DIRECT ACTION is authorized to render the threat harmless.

Any and all mission-essential equipment (both UFS-issued and Non-UFS issued) are authorized for use to fulfill the objectives.

Any and all mission-essential personnel (upon background check) may be asked to volunteer and selected at the SOLE discretion of the Team Leader for this operation and will receive Hazard Credit upon mission completion.


Should Team Leader or any members of the team be captured or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of the team's actions and etc.

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Cipher Rhode
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian
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[USS Erebus, en route to Deferi System, Stardate - CLASSIFIED]

Chris sat in the armory area, doing his usual tinkering and maintenance with the 69th MARDET's weaponry. Sure, each Marine was responsible for the care of their weapon, but this section was different. This was reserved for the ship crew who need to repel boarders in a quick, timely, and deadly manner. Plus, this was busy work for the Sergeant Major of the United Federation Starfleet Marine Corps. Yes, he has an office on Pinastri, but it was never impossible for any enlisted person, Fleet or Marine, to reach out to him for sage advice on their careers, even on life itself.

As he hand-fluted the barrel of the phaser rifle to bring it to pristine condition, he heard light footsteps with his combat turned ears. The footsteps came to the open doorway and knocked. "Sergeant Major?" asks a feminine voice.

Chris looks up to see Staff Sergeant Jade Kelley looking for him. "Yes ma'am, come on in. What can I do for you?" he says, being cordial to every Marine, regardless of rank.

"A package came for you sir. Priority one."

Chris nods and returns to his work, "Great. You can leave it on the table. I'll get to it in a moment."

Jade walks in and placed the secured PADD on the table next to Chris. She looked up at the chronometer on the wall. "Cipher, I don't mean to be a stick up your hindparts, but isn't it time for your usual meeting?"

Cipher listens as he puts together a finished rifle. "I cancelled it. Plenty of other people need the spot more than I do. I'm needed here more."

Jade kept her composure as she fired a barrage of truth. "Cipher, as Detachment Sergeant, I was read in about you by Tails. Your meetings are mandatory. You and I both know that."

Cipher puts down a rifle that he was about to open up and looks to her. "And if I don't comply, Staff Sergeant?" he says, challenging her.

"An excellent question Sergeant Major. So far, in my limited but most professional opinion, you've been on your best behavior. A model Marine that I've had the pleasure to serve with and look up to."

"Now you're just blowing solar rays up my butt," Cipher responds.

Jade sits on the table next to him. "After I had my baby, I was a total mess. I kept worrying about how Tobias and the baby will be while I'm gone, but I was also worried about how the Detachment was going to be without me. They are good people to talk to Cipher, you and I both know that. So please, as a favor, give them the time and respect they deserve."

Cipher internally conceded, she was right. "You win Staff Sergeant."

"Sir, it's not about winning, it's about surviving."

"And who taught you that nonsense?"

"Sergeant Major Chris Rhode, nice guy, kinda a ladies' man, but not really my type. Not enough hair and no tail."

Cipher and Jade laugh, give each other a high five and embrace each other as if they were brother and sister. "Thanks Jade."

"Anytime, and make sure you take your PADD. Your eyes only, AFTER your meeting."

"After my meeting?"

"Those were the instructions. Captain Galia and her team decoded it twice."

Chris picks up the PADD and tucks it into his pocket on his UFS Infantry MARPAT. "Hmmm, off to the meeting I go. Lock this up for me?"

"You got it Cipher."

[USS Erebus - Conference Room B]

Cipher made his way to Deck 8, two decks above the main Marine Barracks and walked into a conference room with a seperate dedicated link. He taps the console on the table, securing the room for this confidential meeting. As he hears the doors secure themselves and force fields coat the doors to present sonic eavesdropping, he takes a seat in one of the chairs.

He looks up to the screen, a few seconds later, his "Meeting Coordinator" appears for his session, a Counseling session, led by his former wife, Major Kiara Noel. "Really?" was his reply as he saw her conducting his counseling session.

"Well hello to you too honey," Kiara says, "you never call, you never write..."

"Maybe because I'm on maneuvers? How did you manage to get this gig?"

"Uh, hello? I'm a MD, remember?"

"Forgive me, I get hit in the head a lot."

Kiara sighed in frustration, "Dammit Cipher, just drop it, okay? I really do want to help. Please?"

Cipher sat back and looked at her, hearing her say "Please?" once again.

"Okay, okay, fine," he says, feeling defeated. "It's frakking boring out here."

Kiara folds her arms on a desk with a view looking outward towards Pinastri in the sunset. "Wasn't that what you were looking for?"

"No. I mean, Erebus is a Sovereign Battleship. You got Tails carrying his flag here, the 69th here, I was looking forward to some action again. Yikes, was I wrong."

"From the ship's mission logs, I would say that you guys have seen plenty of action."

"You know what I mean Kiara."

"Oh Cipher, no sweetie. You're not a weapon, you know that."

"You're right, I'm a Marine."

"But Marines are people too, ya know."

"People willing to actually fight and fight hard."

"But even a Marine knows when it's time to stand down."

He leans over onto the table. "Kiara, I can't stand down. Not with what's still out there. Not with other Marines fighting behind the lines to keep our friends and allies safe."

"Then why did you accept the promotion to Sergeant Major of the Corps?"

"Because I felt honored to be considered the most experienced Combatant for our Flag Officers to seek counsel from."

"There you go again Chris. Baby, yes there may be wars going in at parts unknown. But no, even you have to admit, the Corps can't be everywhere, everytime."

Cipher bolts up from his chair. "But you know I can! Come on Kiara, you know I am the best there is at what I do! There is nowhere that I can't get to and do work!"

"Wrong Sergeant Major!"

Cipher scoffed. "Excuse me?"

"You still can't get to the reason why you won't let go!"

"Oh trust me, I let you leave when you couldn't take it anymore. Try again," he says as he verbally fires back.

"Let go of the frakking trigger Cipher Rhode! Our enemies are beaten. It's over!"

Cipher slams his fist on the table and declares, "NO! IT'S NEVER OVER! NEVER!" Cipher screams in a blind rage as he lifts the table from its hinges and flips it over, making half of it fall and break into dusts of glass and making Kiara gasp in sudden fear. His lungs work into overdrive, breathing in oxygen to fuel the fires of anger in his heart. But soon, as he continues to breathe, he starts to cry tears to extinguish the fire inside.

He sits back in the chair, his left hand trying to shield his face as he starts to release the pain inside of him, the guilt of not being on the front lines or in the forefront of the attack.

"Cipher... Baby..." Kiara says, trying to call to his person, his senses, his soul. "Baby, I'm so sorry, it's just..."

Starts to gather himself, wiping away his tears, "No, don't be. I've held onto the trigger for too long. Guess it's about time for me to retire. Thirty years at this shiznit and it's not getting any easier."

"Cipher, I didn't say that. It's okay that you're in a new role. Maybe it's time to, actually, carry out said role. Hmmm?"

Cipher sits back and starts to listen to her words, finally making sense to him. "Well, it does help that I am along with my immediate Boss all the time."

"See there you go."

Cipher breathes in more fresh breaths, feeling more and more of the "white smoke" leave his nostrils. "Listen, I know we did a major breakthrough, no pun intended whatsoever, but, can I send the Doctor a proposed prescription for you to help you manage. I'll try to be as discreet as possible, but it may keep you off the field for a while."

Cipher nods to her. "Okay, thanks. And Ki," he walks up close to the screen, "I'm so sorry... about today, about what I said..."

"I still love you Chris, no matter what."

He kisses his fingers and places them on the screen, "Thanks, I love you to."

They both smile as the screen goes dark.

[Pinastri Base, Camp R. Lee Ermey, Infirmory]

Kiara closes down the secure channel, or a channel that she thought was secure. As she sits back in her chair to send his prescriptions, her office door opens suddenly. Walking in full throttle was a SFMC full Colonel with coffee black skin, eyes of a Betazoid, and a less-than-sunny disposition.

"Major, what the frak did you do to that man?" the Colonel asks.

"Excuse me, Sir, and you are?"

"Colonel Reddick, Doctor, but you're not much of a Doctor considering you just neutralized our absolute best chance of stopping a new threat to the Federation."

"Colonel Reddick, with all due respect, one, I do not know who you are taking about, and two, even if I knew who you were vaguely, I have half a mind to report you for violating patient confidentiality and..."

Reddick steps forward to her desk, "And I will personally make sure that you aren't even certified to wipe runny noses from Bajoran kids. I strongly recommend to you Doctor that you tell yourself and anyone else involved that the conversations between not only yourself and your patient, which you and I both know is Sergeant Major Rhode, and this conversation never happened."

"Colonel, you may outrank me, but I am a Doctor in the United Federation of Planets. I took an oath to do no harm to any patient under my care and..."

"If that's the case, Doctor, then do not sent that prescription, that is, if you care so much as to not to do harm to your patient. Think about it carefully Doctor." He starts to step back and turn as he says, "We're done here."

As he walks out the door, Kiara was now left with a decision. Should she save the man she loves by continuing the care he needs, or sacrifice his soul for the safety of the Federation.
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