Vacancies within the corps

Oversees day to day operations of UF Starfleet Marine Corps, leader and supervisor of all functions of the Corps, including TRACOM, FORCECOM and more.
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Jester Spearmann
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


The following is a list of vacant positions within the corps.

General & Support Staff Positions

Adjunct to the Commandant
UF Starfleet Marine Historian
Director of UFSMC Heraldry
Marine Corps Quartermaster

Office of DATACOM
Executive Officer
(Note this office is responsible for the creation and dissemination of content for the UFS Website, Forums as well as the UFSMC Newsletter)

Office of FORCECOM
Executive Officer

For any inquiries or to apply please contact me in world or via forum PM's.
Thank you

To clarify on this from a question received.
Yes you do need to transfer to the marines if you wish to apply for one of theses posts if you're not already in the corps.
Yes you will need to take the marine entry classes if you transfer
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