How to build a time machine

March 10, 2023
March 10, 2023 Hal Jordan

How to build a time machine

Professor Ronald Mallett, a 77-year-old astrophysicist and emeritus professor at the University of Connecticut, claims to have cracked the code to time travel. He proposes that rotating lasers could twist the fabric of space-time into a loop, which would enable travel back in time. While this may seem like a far-fetched idea, it is not impossible, given the increasing interest in time travel, with some academic departments and research institutions like the Centre for Time at the University of Sydney and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) working on the subject.

Mallett’s interest in time travel started in 1955, at the age of 10, after his father died, and he picked up HG Wells’ The Time Machine. While he made a replica of the time machine from his bike and his father’s spare radio and TV parts, he didn’t have the confidence to publicly discuss time travel. However, the possibility of time travel gained more attention in the mid-90s, and Mallett, who had received a PhD in physics from Pennsylvania State University, started talking about his endeavor. He found his eureka moment in a spinning black hole, which, unlike a normal black hole, has two event horizons that create something called frame dragging. Rotating black holes can create a gravitational field that could lead to loops of time, and Mallett thinks he has found an artificial alternative in a device called a ring laser. The continuously-rotating beam of light can affect gravity, which can affect time.

Mallett’s critics argue that such a time machine would have to be the size of the universe, and he agrees. But he believes that we need to show we can twist space before figuring out the rest. While building such a device would be expensive, it is unlikely any government would fund it, and the only billionaire who may be interested is working on other projects. Additionally, even if engineers and billionaires put Mallett’s theories into practice, it would only allow travel back in time to the point when the time loop was created. It could never be to 1955 or any other point in the past, so even though Mallett has figured out how to create a time machine, he would never be able to save his father’s life.

If you do use Professor Mallett’s knowledge to create your own time machine, remember to abide by the Temporal Prime Directive, or you may be pulled in for questioning by the Department of Temporal Investigations!


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