Lunar Pod City Envisioned

January 20, 2024
January 20, 2024 Hal Jordan

Lunar Pod City Envisioned

Hassell, an architecture studio, has revealed its innovative Lunar Habitat Master Plan designed for the European Space Agency’s Discovery program. This conceptual settlement envisions a scalable system of inflatable pods, potentially constructed from lunar materials and 3D-printed on-site. (LunarPodInside.png)

The Lunar Habitat Master Plan aims to accommodate 144 people and includes residential spaces, sports arenas, restaurants, and large greenhouses. Hassell sees this project as a significant step towards establishing the first permanent human settlement on the moon.

Xavier de Kestelier, Hassell’s global head of design, highlighted the decreasing cost of space travel and emphasized the need for novel infrastructure on the moon due to its hostile conditions. With no atmosphere, humans must find innovative ways to access water and oxygen while facing high levels of radiation.

The moon base proposed by Hassell would utilize modular components, featuring inflatable pods covered in 3D-printed lunar soil to protect inhabitants from radiation. The use of inflatable modules is chosen for their lightweight and compact nature, addressing the challenge of expensive transportation to the moon.

The construction of the lunar base would involve hexagon-shaped interlocking building blocks inspired by tetrapods, which are commonly used in wave-dissipating structures. Satellite panels, brought from Earth, would be strategically installed at regular intervals. The scalability of the habitat system allows for flexibility and sustainability, with interlocking mechanisms enabling adjustments to reflect the size of future settlements.

Hassell’s Lunar Habitat Master Plan is designed to be situated near the Shackleton Crater at the South Lunar Pole, offering the potential for access to frozen water. The scalability and flexibility of the master plan make it an attractive option for national space agencies like NASA, ESA, and Jaxa, as well as commercial space companies.

This visionary concept joins other proposals for lunar construction, including the Moon Village by architect studio SOM and BIG’s Project Olympus, which plans to create 3D-printed moon buildings in collaboration with ICON, a 3D-printed building company. The unveiling of Hassell’s Lunar Habitat Master Plan took place at the ESA’s Space Research and Technology Centre in the Netherlands.

Reference: Hassell designs inflatable moon base for the European Space Agency



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