United Federation Starfleet Promotions and Awards for September, 2020

On Saturday, September 26, 2020 at noon Second Life time, the monthly September Promotions, Awards, and Graduation Ceremony was held at United Federation Starfleet Headquarters in Second Life and on the UFS Discord channel #promotions-and-awards. Here is a list of the recipients.


New Member Entrance Exam
TheDirectLink Resident
0gortena Resident
Bodan Resident
victoriacblanc Resident
Delphia Zenoria
Nadine59 Resident
Keegs508 Resident

Keitha02 Resident
Bodan Resident

CGSD – Starship Administration I
AdomSisko Resident

Starfleet Branch Intro Diploma
Dan Hunsaker

Metaverse Midshipman Diploma
Siobhan Crystal
KatherineAubrey Resident
Shelby Aycliffe

ADP Associates Degree
John Brice Jr

BBCP Intelligence Certification
Limrie Resident

BBCP Tactical Certification
Scottland78 Resident

BBCP Medical Certification
Alaina Fraina

BBCP Science Certification
Siobhan Crystal


Commendation for Attention to Duty

Data Award
Karina Taurog

Lifetime Service Award (1 Year)
Luciano Skar-Machado
Karina Taurog

Lifetime Service Award (12 Years)
Data Axel


Promoted to Lieutenant (JG)

Promoted to Lieutenant
Bing Kronos

Commodore (Brevet Removed)
Rich Lombardia