Astraios Change of Command

If you’re interested in seeing a traditional change of command ceremony, mark your calendars for this coming weekend. The current Astraios Colony Commander and SS Astraios Commanding Officer, Commodore David7 Bravin, is retiring from United Federation Starfleet. He will be passing command to his current Executive Officer, Commander Kem Vala, at a Ceremony to be held on Sunday, June 7th at 10:00 am SLT/Pacific, on Astraios Prime.

UF Starfleet Astraios has a long and illustrious history, it was established nearly ten years ago, on stardate 110111, and, due to the dedication of UFS members who are resident there, has continued to thrive to the present day. It’s located in the Gamma Quadrant (3rd Rock Grid) in the Astraios Star System. The Colony on Astraios Prime features a number of full regions joined together for ease of access and enjoyment. All ground level installations reflect a 25th century theme, and the massive Helenic class SS Astraios provides a home for the (NPC) fleet of starships that assist in protecting Astraios Prime and the Astraios Sector. Commodore Bravin has served as Colony Commander since taking over from then Fleet Captain Poison Toocool on 150830. Over the years the crew of SS Astraios has participated in several UF Starfleet Task Forces; and maintain their own (NPC) flagship, the USS Neil Armstrong.

If you’ve never visited Astraios Colony before, you will need to create an account on the 3rd Rock Grid website <>, and then login to 3RG using one of the recommended viewers for Open Sim. Once you have logged in, you will need to find Starfleet Astraios. Navigation in 3RG is different than Second Life. You should open your map, and enter ‘Starfleet Astraios”in the search field. Once the search is complete, choose where you wish to go by clicking on the name, and then click ‘teleport’. This will bring you to the centre of the Starfleet Astraios region, where there is a board offering a landmark to the UFS Welcome Centre. Uniforms and other avatar supplies are available there, however, you will need to contact Commander Kem Vala or Captain Dolfke Barbosa in order to be added to the UFS groups. Please note you should do this set-up prior to Sunday to avoid conflicting with preparations for the event.

The Change of Command Ceremony will be held in the History Building, Majel region, Astraios Colony (3rd Rock Grid) on stardate 200607 at 10:00 hours sharp. A reception will be held afterwards, and everyone is invited for drinks, dancing and friendly chat at the Starfleet Boogie venue on Enterprize region. Attire for UFS members is Mess Dress.