Did You Know: The UFS Wiki Project

Updating the UF Starfleet Wiki is a massive job currently being undertaken by Wiki Content Manager Kermie Mistwallow, who is working with UFS Computer Operations (CompOps) on the project. “We found that information was not as easily accessible as we thought it was: the wiki is discombobulated and we want info at people’s fingertips in less than 3 clicks,” the Rear Admiral explained. “A lot of the information there is out of date or irrelevant in our current times so it needs a deep clean.”

At the present moment there are over 4,000 pages on the UFS Wiki on a variety of topics, plus a multitude of old images, unused templates, unused files, and other data.

The first stage of the work is to ensure relevant pages are properly assigned to the appropriate categories so they come up easily in search. “Categories, for those that do not know, are sort of like a catalog system where specific pages link to certain topics,” said Mistwallow, “for example, ‘Andorian’ would fall under the Species category; ‘Odyssey Class Ship’ would fall under ASDB category.” There are many pages in incorrect categories or in multiple categories and thus too much information is duplicated.

The next step of the revamp will be an examination of templates. “Every wiki page has a template we work from, and some templates are generating ‘red links’ to a page that doesn’t exist,” he said. “We need to find these templates and either create the page it is supposed to link to, or remove the link.”

The job won’t end there. Once categories are assigned and templates scrutinized, the next job will be to ensure active pages feature information that is relevant to today’s browser. “I do want to stress that, if a page is no longer needed, it is not getting deleted. It will be placed in an “archive” category so that it does not produce inactive links on other pages,” Mistwallow said, “and this archive will be noted on any wiki page moved to that category.”

“Obviously this is a lot of work as you can see,” he added. “Looking forward there will be a great deal of communication with the different departments in UFS to see what is still relevant on the wiki pages assigned to them, as well as ship information & crew manifests to be updated.”

Rear Admiral Mistwallow and his team hope to have this huge project completed by the end of the year. “I just wanted to say that all of this work is being done by volunteers to help improve UFS and to make information as relevant as possible and easy to reach,” he said. “We know that it can be confusing and sometimes frustrating to wait for things to happen and we appreciate people’s patience while we work through this. We have a dedicated team working on it. We hope to continue updating and sorting through the mess as much and as quickly as we can.”