Dilithium Service Award – First Ever Issue!

I would like to draw special attention to Rear Admiral Kinney Randt.

Admiral Randt could be considered as part of the UFS furniture, his dedication, loyalty and hard work has always shone through no matter what UF Starfleet goes through. A friend to many an enemy to none (at least not to their faces) Admiral Randt is the pillar and embodiment of UFS.

On stardate 090131 Admiral Randt was appointed as Commanding Officer of SS Tranquility. For just under 3 years he triumphed in making the station a real success and centre for UF Starfleet.

On Stardate 111010 he transfered to command of the USS Veracruz where he continues to serve as it’s commanding officer.

Furthermore on stardate 160324 Admiral Randt was appointed as Chief of UF Starfleet Operations among the Joint Chief of Staff.

This long career with UFS has not faltered, it remains strong and continues to inspire everyone around him

Therefore for the first time this award has ever been issued to a member of UF Starfleet!

Dilithium Service Award – Presented to members who have been in a leadership position for 10 consecutive years

Awarded to:
Rear Admiral Kinney Randt