Exploring ‘strange new worlds’ @ SL17B

For members and friends with avatars in Second Life, the yearly celebration of SL’s birthday has begun, featuring 20 full regions to explore along with live music, DJs, special events, gifts, and a host of exhibits. The USS Taylorholic Durant is one of the exhibitors. The brainchild of Rear Admiral Poison Toocool, the Durant original build ties in with the theme of SL17B: ‘vacations and road trips.’

“I discussed this idea with my Executive Officer, Evelyn Rieko, and with her input we came up with an interpretation of the theme that illustrates ‘exploring strange new worlds,’ Toocool said. In the sky is a ship called USS Explorer, just arriving in orbit to make First Contact with the civilization below, on a planet called ‘Guivre Prime.’ On the ground are paths, alien plants and flowers, as well as pictures of the Durant crew in roleplay, plus information on UF Starfleet and a bit about the history of the Durant.

The birthday destinations are all featured in the SL17B Destination Guide – access this LCARS – https://secondlife.com/destinations/sl17b Besides all the live music performances and DJ dances listed on the Events Calendar – https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/4900-sl17b-calendar-of-events/ – you can meet the Lindens or pick up free gifts from the SL17B Gifting area – https://secondlife.com/destinations/sl17b/sl17b_events 

SL17B runs from Friday June 19th to Friday July 10th. To see the Durant exhibit, transport to these coordinates – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SL17B%20Captivate/32/117/23 – or use the SL17B Destination Guide to see what is available and explore the many creative approaches to the theme.