As Admiral and Commander-in-Chief, it is my pleasure to welcome you to United Federation Starfleet, The Ultimate Starfleet Experience

United Federation Starfleet, or UFS for short, started as a dream…..a dream to realize and bring Gene Roddenberry’s vision to life within the realms of a metaverse community. As Mr. Roddenberry said, “If man is to survive, he will have learned to take a delight in the essential differences between men and between cultures. He will learn that differences in ideas and attitudes are a delight, part of life’s exciting variety, not something to fear.”

We envisioned an opportunity where people could live out Roddenberry’s vision by becoming a Federation Citizen, Starfleet Crewman, or a Commissioned Officer within one of the most respected, most organized, and most active Star Trek organizations available. Our dream to accomplish this began in 2006. Since then, UFS has become one of the premiere Star Trek groups within Second Life. It was this success that led us to form UFS Incorporated, a real life organization based in New York. As we continued to grow and expand, the group expanded into other online grids. Now UFS has taken the next logical step by adding Virtual Starships and Space Stations all over the world.

The time is ripe to get involved.

To help UFS officers and enlisted adjust to and grow into their UFS lives, we offer a highly organized and renowned Academy, which includes a vast selection of courses. These courses will help you to learn a variety of skills and information that will get you started as a contributing officer, marine, and enlisted within United Federation Starfleet.

UFS offers a wide variety of postings to choose from. You can:

Serve at UF Starfleet Command Headquarters and help with the growth and development of UFS through your chosen Branch.
Serve at Sector Command and help to develop this important part of our family.
Take a posting on a station, facility, or outpost and partake in the day-to-day responsibilities of an officer assigned to one of these locations.
Be assigned to one of our Starships of the Line, where you explore the vast reaches of the galaxy, discover new life and new civilizations, and defend our home from those that would not choose freedom as a way of life.
Become the Commanding Officer of a Ship of the Line.

In addition to these postings, UFS is also involved in multiple charitable foundations as well as planning social events for members. To begin participating you can:

Join volunteer groups like Support Services.
Explore your DJ talents on Radio Starfleet.
Assist UFS Events Management with creating, coordinating, and running fun and charitable events.
Attend promotion ceremonies and other official functions.
Participate in regular social events.
Contribute to or be a part of special events.

The opportunities are endless!

Again, I welcome you to United Federation Starfleet, where you can live out your dream of being a part of the Star Trek life. Whether you have chosen to be an officer or enlisted in one of our online communities or one of our many Starships and Space Stations around the world, the sky is no longer the limit – now you can explore the entire Universe!

In Service to the Fleet,
Fleet Admiral Mike Calhoun
United Federation Starfleet