New Academy Program Launches!

UF Starfleet Academy has announced the launch of the ‘Basic Branch Certification Program (BBCP)’, a structured line-up of specific classes UFS members can take via the Academy Online Portal (Moodle) in order to gain certification in one or more branches.

“I’m very excited to make this announcement,” said Commodore Rich Lombardia, Academy Superintendent, “UF Starfleet members can take the Basic Branch Certification Program for fun, or to gain additional branch knowledge — either way they will earn a certification award in the chosen branch, which will be added to their Service Jacket.”

The BBCP has been created to assist members to acquire more knowledge about their own branch as well as closely associated branches through taking a series of online classes, explained Lombardia. “Although it’s primarily for junior ranks, senior officers may also take BBCP out of interest or to learn more about Starfleet branches,” he added, “and both metaverse and non-metaverse (real life) members are welcome to participate in the program.”

For more information on the BBCP, check out this LCARS: