Rarely seen but often mentioned,  Starfleet Academy is one of the most iconic and historic parts of Star Trek. From its foundation in the 2140’s as United Earth Starfleet Academy to its integration into the Federation as the United Federation Starfleet Academy in 2161, some of the most historic federation citizens have walked its halls. Robert April, Christopher Pike, Spock, James T. Kirk, Jean Luc Picard, the list goes on. Many of the history books in the Federation and even in foreign governments have chapters dedicated to some of these characters. And it all started in Earth’s San Francisco.

Built within walking distance of Starfleet Command Headquarters, the majestic Academy building has been home to one of the most elite education centers in the galaxy and the primary campus of Starfleet Academy. This is not the only campus or facility dedicated to the Academy, it is however, the most well known, and it’s this image that springs to mind when the name is mentioned.

Starfleet Academy accepts only the best and graduates only the best of the best. The Academy has a multitude of education programs lasting roughly four years as well as graduate programs and training programs for enlistee.

Here in United Federation Starfleet, inspired by this great history, we created the United Federation Starfleet Academy. We have classes on a variety of topics for people to enjoy at their leisure. There are also graduate programs such as the Midshipman Program (for roleplayers), as well as the Basic Branch Certification Program and the Academy Degree Program (Associates, Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate) which are open to both metaverse-based and real-life-based members.

UFSA was founded on January 1st 2007 by one of the founding members of United Federation Starfleet, Zed Drebin. Starting out of a single classroom on a sim in the virtual world of Second Life (the birthplace of UFS), the first cadets took their first classes. As UFS grew so did the Academy, eventually having its own facility, and the class library grew by the dozens.

Eventually we grew to where we are today, the Academy is now available to everyone via the online Academy Portal (Moodle) with an inworld campus in various virtual locations and dozens of classes in its ever-growing library. As a member you will have access to all of this as well as the support of a dedicated group of individuals who have committed themselves to ensuring our members get the best possible interactive experience as well as every opportunity to shine.