Starfleet Task Force to protect Naablo IV

UF Starfleet members have the opportunity to have a whale of a time this summer during Task Force Tarok, beginning Saturday July 18th.

A Task Force is a short term story arc in which multiple ships participate in a structured manner, said Commodore Nora Gerhadsen, Task Force Commander for the event. “Task Force RPs can happen during regular ship RP times (and frequently do), but they can also happen in special times, such as on weekends. It is up to each ship’s CO as to whether their own ship will participate in the Task Force. All of the ships and crew cooperate to push a Fleet-wide story forward. Generally speaking, Task Forces involve events that affect either Pinastri or Astraios directly, or a wide swath of the Galaxy (or all together).”

 This summer’s Task Force will involve the Ogla-Kzem, a subsect of the Kazon-Ogla. They are bound together by the cult of Kzem. The USS Maxwell has on occasion encountered their ships in the Sylleran Sector Block. 

The Ogla-Kzem seem to be bent on pure destruction. They have attempted to destroy other ships; they have attempted to destroy planets. Perhaps that is what they plan for the Naablo System, where the Maxwell discovered they had left a subspace beacon that was transmitting a single word back to the rest of the Ogla-Kzem: “failed.” This might indicate that other ships might be on the way to try again. The Task Force has been established to prevent that attack.

Located in Sector 008M, about 125 light years from Pinastri, Naablo IV is the single inhabited planet in the system, and is Class M. The local inhabitants are pre-warp and pre-electricity, being at a level of technology approximately equivalent to 18th-century Earth. The planet has 1.2 billion inhabitants.

Task Force Tarok will most likely last four weeks. People can participate outside of their home ship or station if they so desire. They can participate even if their home ship or station has decided not to take part. There are a few ways to do this. 

They can guest with participating ships. 

Any UFS member can volunteer through the UFS NPC group to play NPC roles. 

There will also be an ‘intermission’ event on the weekend of August 1st. This will be on a host sim, and will consist entirely of people playing NPC roles — everyone will be a civilian on a world being infiltrated by the Kzem. 

People can also participate in the ‘final battle’ event (slated for August 15th) either with their home crew or as ‘unaffiliated UFS’ participants. There will be a ship set aside for non-attached UFS members who wish to be part of the roleplay.

“Please come and participate! Come be part of the story and make your mark,” Gerhadsen said. “I hope everyone has fun, because of course that’s the whole point!”

Watch the UFS Forum, Discord, and in-world notices in Second Life and 3rd Rock Grid for more information about how you can be part of this Fleet-wide event!