The UFS Joint Chiefs of Staff are the Advisor Council to the Commander-in-Chief as well as to the members and its Ships of the Line. The seven (7) members who make up the UFS Joint Chiefs of Staff are charged with the day-to-day operations of the group.

Fleet Admiral Mike Calhoun

Commander in Chief

The Commander-in-Chief is responsible for the overall management and supervision of UFS as well as representing UFS in any official capacity.

Admiral MilesPrower Dagger

Commander, Starfleet

Second in command of UFS.

Charged with, and oversees the production and revision of, the membership handbook as well as other manuals necessary for the smooth operation of the fleet.

Vice Admiral Kermie Mistwallow

Chief of UF Starfleet Operations

Third in command of UFS

Responsible for all interfleet activities for Sectors and Ships of the Line.


Commodore Luciano Skar-Machado

UF Starfleet Chief of Staff

Fourth in Command of UFS.

Responsible for overseeing all Administrative duties for both Ships of the Line and membership related aspects of UF Starfleet.

Vice Admiral Poison Toocool

Chief of UF Starfleet Communications

Fifth in command of UFS.

Responsible fo all aspect of Recruitment, Marketing and News for UFS

Brigadier General Penney Lancaster

Commandant, UF Starfleet Marine Corps

Sixth in command of UFS.

Responsible for overseeing the smooth coordination of the United Federation Starfleet Marine Corps

Commodore Rich Lombardia

UF Starfleet Academy Superintendent

Seventh in command of UFS.

Responsible for the overall administration of UF Starfleet Academy.

Rear Admiral Eddie Hagoromo

Chief of Computer Operations

Responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and additions to all computer operations used by UF Starfleet.