At Attention Denebian Slime Devil!

When you saw it’s on the site you pry thought it was a trick, well surprise it’s a treat instead! Yes United Federation Starfleet embraces the militaristic side of Star Trek that many wish to deny. The old claim that “There were never seen in the show” is crap because there is a lot not seen in the show! We have seen evidence of military forces they were never really flushed out. The forces in AR-558 were one such example, and of course in Enterprise the MACO!


Now many of you who know your Trek are saying “They weren’t Starfleet” and you are actually right, surprise, surprise. The MACO team on Enterprise was pure military to offset Starfleet’s peaceful mission of exploration. The Andorian Imperial Guard was an extremely aggressive military force. When the Federation was founded what happened to these forces? Where they all dismissed? Did someone try to force them to less military paths? What would happen if there was another war with the Romulans? Well we, at United Federation Starfleet, feel the most sensible answer for this is that they were reformed into a group that could be called upon when the Federation’s best attempts at piece failed. Using a little creative license we call them the United Federation Starfleet Marine Corp.


The UFSMC is an elite branch of individuals who train to be called upon with all else fails and wage horrible war. This is how we see it, when war comes Starfleet isn’t up to the task of fighting it alone. Their crews are expertly trained and can hold space with the best of them but what about when you need to hold a planetary location, like AR-558? Or a capture a planetary capitol? Starfleet Security? Their job is to keep the peace and enforce the law, they are primarily police. In an emergency they can go above and beyond the regular call in fact there are some might have even missed their calling. The United Federation Starfleet Marine Corp is a branch of those who embrace this philosophy as well, who look beyond that beginning and end of each episode for our trek experience.