Neuralink Implants Brain-Computer Interface (Borg v.1.3)

February 2, 2024
February 2, 2024 Hal Jordan

Neuralink Implants Brain-Computer Interface (Borg v.1.3)

Neuralink, Elon Musk’s venture aimed at revolutionizing brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), has reached a significant milestone: the implantation of a ‘brain-reading’ device in a human being for the first time. This development was announced by Musk via X (Twitter) on January 29.

BCIs function by recording and decoding brain activity, with the ultimate goal of enabling individuals with severe paralysis to control computers, robotic arms, wheelchairs, or other devices solely through their thoughts. Beyond Neuralink’s pioneering device, there are ongoing developments in this field, with several other companies working on similar technologies, some of which have already undergone testing in human subjects.

The news of Neuralink’s human trial has sparked cautious excitement among neurotechnology researchers. Mariska Vansteensel, a neuroscientist at University Medical Centre Utrecht in the Netherlands and president of the international BCI Society, expresses hope that the trial will demonstrate both the safety and effectiveness of the device in measuring brain signals over both short and long terms.

However, there is frustration among researchers due to a lack of detailed information regarding the trial. While Musk’s tweet serves as an announcement, there has been no official confirmation of the trial’s commencement. The primary source of information available to the public is a study brochure inviting participants, which lacks crucial details such as the locations of implantations and the specific outcomes under assessment.

It’s notable that the trial is not registered on, a repository maintained by the US National Institutes of Health. Many in the scientific community consider such registration essential for ensuring transparency and adherence to ethical standards. Neuralink has not responded to queries regarding why the trial has not been registered on the site.

Neuralink, like Blackrock Neurotech in Salt Lake City, Utah, focuses on recording the activity of individual neurons through electrodes that penetrate the brain. In contrast, other companies are developing electrodes that sit on the brain’s surface to record signals from populations of neurons. Despite debates about the necessity of recording from individual neurons, recent research suggests that surface-level electrodes can also decode complex cognitive processes.

Neuralink’s system is notable for being fully implanted and wireless, eliminating the need for physical connections to external computers. The device comprises 64 flexible polymer threads, offering 1,024 recording sites, a significant advancement compared to existing systems. This could potentially enhance the bandwidth of brain-machine communication.

The trial’s goals and specifics remain undisclosed by Neuralink, though safety is expected to be a primary focus. Observing immediate impacts, infection risks, and long-term viability are crucial aspects of the trial’s assessment. Volunteers will be monitored for five years to evaluate the device’s functionality and safety.

Transparency and information dissemination are crucial not only for researchers but also for potential beneficiaries of BCI technology. Ian Burkhart, a co-founder of the BCI Pioneers Coalition who has personal experience with BCI technology, emphasizes the importance of comprehensive information release for the benefit of patients eagerly awaiting advancements in this field.


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