Relay Weekend 2021!

by Lizzy Austen…

Relay Weekend is this weekend, from 10:00am SLT Saturday June 12th to 10:00am SLT Sunday June 13th. We’ve spent the whole season raising awareness, making a difference, and raising the funds to help someone in need. We are extremely proud of you all and how hard you have worked to bring the light of hope to someone who may only be seeing darkness. With each dollar raised, you have helped someone get a patient navigator or a ride to their treatments or helped fund the next research effort to bring a world without cancer. You should be proud of yourselves, as much as we are of you!

Relay weekend starts with the opening ceremony and celebration, then moves into the themed hours that happen throughout the day, into the evening, and through the next day. It is a celebration of life, love, happiness, sadness for those we have lost and so much more. The weekend embodies all of our hard work throughout the five months of fundraising until we reach that point. There are so many special hours during the weekend but there is one hour that stands out above the rest: Luminaria Hour. Or as I like to call it, “Get out your tissues, shut the door, grab some water, walk the track, and sob hour.” I’ll explain why!

Starting at 9 pm SLT, the track goes dark and the music is turned off. The relay committee and some volunteers begin. We listen to Stingray begin the ceremony where we honor our loved ones who are missing from our lives. The people who have left us because they could no longer fight the battle and just wanted rest. These are the people who were important to us. The people that we miss, love, and honor. The dedications read are from you, the Relayer. Each one is read off with dedication, love, and honor. A reminder as to why we are here.

The view is turned dark to symbolize the darkness that the cancer patient goes through during their battle with cancer. Then at the end of the ceremony, after all of your dedications are read out, the lights come up on all of the sims to symbolize the hope that we have as we climb out of the hole alongside our friends and move forward with newfound strength and pride that we will make a difference.

Every year I see this hour as one of remembrance and respect. I see it as a loving tribute to our family, friends, and colleagues that may have lost their battle. I see it as a way to support those that are currently going through the awful battle for their lives or who have lost someone they love to the battle. It reminds me that life is precious and to cherish every moment and every person in it. You never know what tomorrow will bring, so cherish the day you have today.

Join us during the Luminaria Hour at 9 pm SLT on June 12th to honor our loved ones and friends who have passed and to support those who are suffering now, whether they are caregivers or survivors. Go relay!

THEME HOUR SCHEDULE (Single Asterisk = important hours Double Asterisk = Fun Sci-Fi hours)

10 AM ~ Opening Ceremonies *

11 AM ~ Survivor/Caregiver Lap *

NOON – 12:30 ~  Survivor/Caregiver Lap *

12.30pm – 1 PM ~  Teams Lap *

1PM  ~ Teams Lap *

2PM ~ Wizard of Oz

3PM ~  Prince/Princess/King/Queen

4PM ~  Under the Sea/Aquatic Animals

5PM ~ Sock hop

6PM ~ 80’s Neon/Rollerskates

7PM ~  Christmas in June

8PM ~  Beach Party

9PM ~ Luminaria Ceremony *

10 PM ~ Unicorns/Fairies/Fantasy

11 PM ~  Tinies/Dinkies

MIDNIGHT ~  The clock strikes midnight-Fairy Tales

1 AM ~ Arrrr it be pirate hour!

2 AM ~  Real Life Heros

3 AM ~  Sci Fi Fun **

4 AM ~  Pink Power Hour

5 AM ~ Pajama’s Curlers and Coffee

6 AM ~  Fight Back Lap *

7 AM ~ Friends Hour-matching

8 AM ~ Purple Hour! **

9 AM ~ Dancing in the streets