UF Starfleet presents ‘SunFEST’!

You’re the one we want! Engage with United Federation Starfleet this August when UFS Communications presents ‘summer fun’ a la the ‘Beach Boys’ and ‘Grease’ the musical! Slick back your hair and join us as we time travel back to back to high school in the Terran 1950s! SunFEST features terrific DJs, talented live performers, and a Coney Island style fair, all at UFS’s base in Second Life, Pinastri Headquarters.

Starting off the FEST will be Dj Naida Starchild and Host Evey Riley with their ‘Grease’ themed ‘Cosmic Rift’ set on Friday night starting at 7pm SLT/PDT, at Club Latinum. Dress is casually 50s! Naida spins great music that transcends you, helping you transport to another place and time. Hopelessly devoted to summer nights!

Starting at noon Saturday and running to 4pm SLT/PDT will be the colorful ‘Coney Island’ style fair, provided by Greg Esharham. Expect rides, games and boats on the beach, all while the great entertainment line-up streams music for your enjoyment. Maybe some greased lightnin’ down the Pinastri river in a slick sailboat?

LIVE ‘On the Beach’ Saturday August 12th, noon SLT/PDT, will be the fabulous ‘Trav McCullough.’ Trav has been performing in SL since 2008. He has a warm style that welcomes you into his music whether it be country, pop, folk or classical. He loves to sing your requests and dedications, and has an extensive songlist. You’re sure to have a good time listening to this wonderful singer. Host: Siobhan Crystal

Next up is the eclectic ‘Gardo Sky’ LIVE ‘On the Beach’ at 1pm SLT/PDT. Gardo has a huge songlist that includes terrific artists such as Oasis, Bon Jovi, Keith Urban, Kiss, The Beatles, Bruno Mars, Queen, Stevie Wonder, and Bryan Adams among others, along with some Brazilian tunes. His style is lively pop-rock and he encourages people to make requests. Host: Evelyn Rieko

We leap from pop to some great beats when the effervescent DJ ‘Twist Firebeard’ takes the stage at 2pm SLT/PDT. Twist has been spinning in Second Life since 2005 at a variety of awesome clubs. His sets feature great EDM, Techno and House tracks, blended with requests from the audience. Believe us when we say, there’s no way you won’t want to be dancing to a Firebeard mash-up! Host: Siobhan Crystal

Rounding out the day will be the amazing ‘Bubbles’ LIVE ‘On the Beach’ at 3pm SLT/PDT. Winner of SL’s Got Talent in 2014, Bubbles has a massively eclectic taste in music ranging to everything from Pavarotti to Dolly Parton, Journey and Whitesnake to Johnny Cash and Alan Jackson, New Kids on the Block to Adele and literally everything in between, with a very strong love of Rock music and ballads/Rock ballads. Many have said that there is not a dry eye in the house after hearing Bubbles deliver one of her passionate, emotional ballads, and that she stirs up many emotions in people when they listen to her sing. With an extensive song list ranging throughout many genres, decades and artists, you will be sure to enjoy her show. Host: Poison Toocool

UF Starfleet Communications is responsible for the promotion of UFS to members & fans, provides social events, and publishes news & information on social media. An event like this is a collaborative effort, with several UFS members volunteering their time, talent and energy to plan, organize, build, decorate, promote, and host. Many thanks to Greg Esharham, Evelyn Rieko, Evey Riley, Naida Starchild, Selina Otsuka, Siobhan Crystal, TaylorRaeJunior, and Twist Firebeard for their enthusiasm and support.

United Federation Starfleet is a lively, active group of Trek fans and science fiction geeks who come together in a spirit of community and fellowship to talk Trek, hang out, play games, and/or roleplay. Engage with us on Discord at:

Watch for our next event – commemorating Star Trek Day – ‘TrekFEST’ – Fri Sep 7th and Sat Sep 8th, 2023!