Picard Season 3 Insights

September 2, 2022
September 2, 2022 Hal Jordan

Picard Season 3 Insights

Season 3 showrunner (leading executive producer) Terry Matalas sat down with TrekMovie for an interesting interview about the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard. The interview was free of major spoilers but did reveal some of the characters that will appear in the season.

Regarding Jean-Luc Picard:

He is different… I don’t think you could have done this season without doing a version of seasons 1 and 2… So this Picard—now that he’s gone through seasons 1 and 2—is probably a bit closer to where we left off in Next Generation, but older and wiser and sort of in the latter years of his life. Looking back and trying to understand how to look forward and look for those things that are legacy, that are family, and the most important aspects of your life that aren’t related to your job, essentially. But at the same time, you’re going to see him do the job again, which is cool.

Matalas talked about the concept of family as it relates to the returning characters from TNG, and how the fans may not see what they are expecting:

It is the story of a family coming together. … So your preconceptions over the last 20 years of novels and rewatching the series might send you in an expectation that’s not quite where we go here. That’s not to say you won’t get those feelings again, certainly by the end, but there’s going to be some surprises as to what they’ve been up to.

Every family has some humor associated with it, and Picard season 3 will be funny at times:

You’re going to feel that [humor]… and that comes from the characters. For instance, Riker is a blast this season. And the season kicks off with Picard and Riker in a big way, in a kind of Butch and Sundance way. And that was something I felt was missing [in the first two seasons of Picard]. But when you have Frakes, who’s hilarious, you want to write towards his voice. And they’re at a place in their life now, where Riker can be looser. He’s not first officer to Picard anymore. Now he’s an old friend his own captainship in his past. So the humor and the sarcasm sort of comes naturally. And then Riker and Worf haven’t seen each other in a bit… Worf, he’s a little a little bit different when you meet him. And you have Riker as the voice of the audience going, “What is this?” And then they’re back and forth. And it’s really fun… [But] it’s not schtick. It all comes from character. There’s one particular new character that’s a smartass that appears to be going to be a fan favorite from anyone who’s seen it.

Mystery surrounds Brent Spiner’s “new old” character, and Matalas explains why Brent did not get a poster like the other characters did:

Brent’s character is specifically tied into the plot and the mythology in ways that if you were to show a poster, you would have a thousand more questions. And I think you want to earn it. But he plays a new old character that you have seen and never seen before. It is, we think, a great way to do this that honors what has come before yet treads new ground.

Each of the five directors has a two-episode block. Matalas was particularly impressed with one of the directors:

The first two are Doug Aarniokoski, who is the producing director on the show, who is fantastic. The next block of episodes is directed by Jonathan Frakes and I think it’s the best thing he’s ever done. Everyone who sees one of those episodes is absolutely in tears by the end. The next block is Dan Liu. And then Deborah Kampmeier has another two-hour block, who is an extraordinary visionary director. And then I close it out. I do the last two-hour movie.

There’s too much material to include it all in this article, so please, click the link below and read the source material. You, too, will become excited to see Star Trek: Picard season 3, which is expected to premiere on Paramount+ in early 2023.


Interview: ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Showrunner Talks Brent Spiner’s Mysterious Character, And Hopes For A Spin-off


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