United Federation Starfleet

USS Taylorholic Durant

"Just like a river twisting through a dusty land, and when she shines she really shows you all she can."

Rio, Duran Duran

Command Team

Commanding Officer

Vice Admiral Poison Toocool

Executive Officer

Captain Evelyn Rieko

Ship’s Timeline

First Contact 170805

The Pantherans: 'Cait's in the K'Grell'

First Contact 180131

The Vitulans: 'Xenolinguistical Computations'

First Contact 181021

The Bluuaiks: 'Can't Tell a Book by Its Cover'

First Contact 190224

Cronon & Tramlu: 'There are Four Lights!'

First Contact 200524

The Tricerops: 'Pangaean Quilla'

First Contact 201011

The Nadeuns: 'Mislike me not for my complexion'

Roleplay Times

Sundays at 11:00 Pacific Time
1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 17:00 Pacific Time
Last Fridays at 10:00 Pacific Time


Paragraph Roleplay


001 – Second Life

About the Ship

Our namesake is Admiral Taylorholic Durant

The late Admiral Durant was a much-loved officer in UF Starfleet. She excelled in several prominent positions and was known as a caring and thoughtful person. ‘Tay-Tay’ is missed by all who knew her. We are proud and humbled to carry her name.

The USS Taylorholic Durant is a roleplaying ship based in the virtual world of Second Life. We enact characters using avatars who move through a 3D environment. We can build roleplay sets, use items created by others to establish a scene, or even visit different places on the grid and use those places as a context for our away missions.
We are storytellers. Using live, in-the-moment chat, we listen, read, respond, and create a new story as a collective of writers jamming on a theme. We are given a context – a place to begin and then improvise together what happens next, and what happens after that… and where does that take us. That sense of being in fellowship with other creative people who understand the overall context and environment while writing a story that is vibrant and alive creates a sense of enjoyment and togetherness.
Our goal on Durant is to foster that sense of belonging, to support good storytelling, and to have tons of fun!