United Federation Starfleet

USS Veracruz

"Demasiado trevido a donde nadie he ido antes"

Command Team

Commanding Officer

Rear Admiral Kinney Randt

Executive Officer

Commodore Aryela Dagger

Ship’s Timeline




The USS Veracruz launches with the hunt for Skellos and the stolen Federation starship, codename USS Proto, underway.


The crew of the USS Veracruz, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, goes back to the beginning, and began a roleplay arc that takes place on the USS Hood, a 23rd century Constitution class starship operating during the time of Captain Kirk and the Enterprise.


Outstanding Ship of the Line Award


Outstanding Ship of the Line Award

Roleplay Times

Wednesdays at 17:00 Pacific Time




001 – Second Life

About the Ship

The USS Veracruz is named after the State of Veracruz located on the east coast of Mexico, which received its name from Hernán Cortés when he landed on the coast of Mexico en route to a fateful meeting with the Emperor Montazuma. Veracruz was also a key point of conflict in the Mexican-American war.