Rich history propels new starship

February 14, 2023
February 14, 2023 Poison Toocool

Rich history propels new starship

Intel gathered by Oola Quan…

I caught up with Commanding Officer (CO) Ulrich Bechir and asked him some questions about the recent launch of the USS Shogun-A. Here is what he had to say:

I feel great about the launch, it feels like coming home again. I was the CO of the original Shogun back in 2009. The new USS Shogun-A has a different class of ship (Gagarin Class) but the values and goals are the same: to provide an exciting roleplay environment that is respectful and inclusive. People come first. The crew being assembled are hard workers. A nice mixture of new officers, seasoned personnel, and civilians. I’m very excited by the crew.

The missions of USS Shogun-A will follow the pattern set out fifteen years ago. We use overall mission arcs that last several months. Not all missions are directly part of the arc, but we are always moving towards an inevitable conclusion. Our first arc will revisit a mission in the original Shogun’s past where the resolution was less than perfect, so in a sense trying to atone for the past decisions of Starfleet, Shogun, and the officers onboard. With that rich history we have tapestry to draw on that allows us to look both backwards and forward. At times, the past will be examined and at other points, things will be brand new. It provides texture, context, and history.

The crew is very well rounded and we are happy to have ‘filled’ each station and look forward to bringing on more crew in the future:

USS Shogun NCC73812-A [L to R]: LTCmdr Selina Otsuka (Executive Officer), LT Quertie Que (Guest Intelligence Officer), ENS Grayson Quigley (Operations Officer), LT(jg) Kai Bacraius (Operations Officer – Helm), LT T’Lara Ek’Tal (Chief Science Officer), Captain Ulrich Bechir (Commanding Officer), LT(jg) Tai Buckbeak (Intelligence Officer), Spark Venture (Civilian Engineer), ENS Savesh (Engineering Officer), LT Jim Schmidt (Guest Engineering Officer), COMM Lizzy Austen (Chief Medical Officer)

This is our first arc mission description:

“Fourteen years ago, USS Shogun encountered a group of aliens asking for help who called themselves the Telepathic Underground. They were being attacked and subjugated by the anti-telepathic Devore. The proximity to so many telepaths caused widespread pain, illness and death amongst our telepathic crew. Orders from Starfleet forced us to leave the area. 

In the passing years, the Devore were defeated in the region by a group now calling itself the Telepathic Empire, which has seized that part of space. 

The Underground has never forgiven the Federation, Starfleet, and USS Shogun for leaving them. On stardate 230123, the first Starfleet ship disappeared in that area. More ships followed. 

USS Shogun-A, a new Gagarin Class vessel, was deployed on 230205 to investigate.”

The USS Shogun-A is one of several starships that operate in the Delta Quadrant (Second Life). Their roleplay missions are scheduled for Sunday mornings at 8:00 am Pacific Time (SLT). Feel free to contact LTCmdr Selina Otsuka (XO) or Capt Ulrich Bechir for more information. LCARS: 


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[Crew picture by Selina Otsuka & T’Lara Ek’Tal. Shogun graphics by Selina Otsuka.)


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