SNW Enterprise Design Secrets

August 27, 2022
August 27, 2022 Hal Jordan

SNW Enterprise Design Secrets

The USS Enterprise has been portrayed in different ways during its long Star Trek history. Advancing technology has made that portrayal more complex over time. The Enterprise as displayed in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is the most visually exciting version ever.

Variety magazine interviewed SNW Production Designer Jonathan Lee, who explained the technology used in the series. “We were all of the mind that the Enterprise is a star of the show,” he said. “It’s a major player. It’s an actor, really. It’s not a weapon of war. It’s one when it has to be, but that’s not its function. It’s a scientific research vessel. It’s also a sanctuary. We discussed the Enterprise in that very creative way before we got into the detail of how we were going to deal with the individual elements of it.”

The Enterprise Bridge was redesigned slightly from the version shown on Star Trek: Discovery. Some of the furniture changed positions, and the color scheme was changed. The previous version “was quite cool with blues and greens and cool yellows. I said, the Bridge must feel warmer, particularly the motion graphics on all the monitors. When you see the before and after, it’s pretty dramatically different, but it’s much more intimate, and it feels more like our show.”

The production staff completely redesigned Sickbay, with the beds in the center of the room instead of against the walls. This allows cameras to move all around the beds rather than simply displaying the beds from a limited number of positions.

The biggest redesign challenge was Engineering, where a giant set was needed. They used Augmented Reality. “We only had to build the foreground element where the actors would work, and the handrail around the elevated area where the actors are becomes the handoff between the physical set and the digital AR extension. And that was a phenomenal decision because it then allowed us to make the scale of the Warp Core look even bigger,”

Besides the Bridge, Sickbay, and Engineering, Mr. Lee and his crew of 60 also built sets for the Transporter Room, two corridors, crew quarters, the shuttlecraft interior, the Mess Hall and the Cargo Bay. Coming in SNW Season Two are new sets for the Port Galley, a Science Lab, the Nacelle Room and the Shuttle Bay.

Click the link below for the full story and some great photos of the sets.


How the Starship Enterprise Was Redesigned for ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’


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