The Elusive CompOps

August 21, 2020
August 21, 2020 Poison Toocool

The Elusive CompOps

In the mysterious, smoky back rooms, behind the ceremony hall and beneath the ancient cafeteria, lies the hallowed domain of those creatures rarely seen, the CompOps.

Shy of light, and cautious about opening the door, they scurry here and there, ensuring dams are plugged and wires aren’t crossed and nothing explodes… unless it’s supposed to. Like Atlas of old, they hold on their shoulders the entire world of UFS. Do not tickle them!

The CompOps Team are highly intelligent. They are masters of technology. They do strange and wonderful things like realign communication matrix and initiate data updates to UF Starfleet applications like the UFS website, the Wiki, Discord, and even the Forum.

Recently they have been seen nibbling at the data stream between the Forum and Discord, ensuring announcements posted on the former show up on the latter at light speed.

The DC was able to lure a CompOps into a MI-style hush-hush rendezvous with a few rashers of bacon, and request an update on the current state of affairs. Through some magical means, the following information was supplied, allegedly by Commodore Eddie Hagoromo, although it was hard to tell… those secret bunkers can be pretty dark, and I’m sure there was more than one spider on the ceiling… [ what’s that behind me! ]

CompOps has been through 3 generations, now being the 4th generation leading for well over 6 years and counting, we endeavour to keep everything running smoothly from behind the scenes. Things you don’t see much on the backend were overhauled or removed completely (who remembers the UFS Database?). Nowadays, we have split our team into two, where one side works on our Infrastructure as well as Research and Development, and the other side is Support, the front-facing side of CompOps where we aim to help all our members with any technical issues they have in UFS.

We have been working on a lot of changes in Discord, as we evolve, so do our members. Topics expanded and/or contracted as we gauge on our members on how they interact with one another, with the option now to live stream events from the SL metaverse to members in Discord, thus expanding our reach to members that are not based in SL (such as Real Life, 3rd Rock Grid). We are testing methods to help members to engage with one another, whether you are in 3rd Rock, Second Life or even a Real Life member with the use of games and topics to engage! Other social media work such as Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest are handled by Communications so watch closely for updates through UFS!

We do have a lot of projects to complete, several we have put on the back burner; we are working on keeping everything running for now as we are a small team! But all I can say is that when we are focused on a project, we hope we can continue to satisfy your needs in the meantime!

If you are looking to help us on the Support side or even have an interest in researching new technologies you would like CompOps to work on, our door is open and feel free to contact us via email or directly to me on Discord! Don’t be disheartened if your application to join us gets rejected – since this is a very critical post, we have a very strict criteria for accepting people into the team, the most important one being activity!

We are also looking to improve interactivity inside Discord by looking at the best times to hold Netflix nights where we can all chat and watch the same show at the same time, if that is something you are interested in, check out our new movie channel!

And with more secret new toys upcoming (stuffs the beta tribble back in its pipe), a bright future is coming for everyone! Have an idea you want to run with us? Hollar out here! I’m all ears!

There will come a time when the 5th generation is ready to take over, but the question of when remains to be seen.

**does evil laugh**