Whois: Fleet Operations

October 31, 2020
October 31, 2020 Poison Toocool

Whois: Fleet Operations

The Office of Fleet Operations (FLoPs) is probably one of the lesser known administrative positions in UF Starfleet. The DC had the opportunity to catch up with the current FLoPs Director, Crewman Hennik Hunsaker, and ask some questions about what the department does.

Members might imagine a variety of things when they hear ‘fleet operations’, how would you describe it?

The main purpose of the Office of Fleet Operations is to act as administrative oversight for the various commands of the Fleet, with a secondary purpose to act as a support system for Commanding Officers (COs) and First Officers (XOs).

What made you interested in applying for the position? Any particular skills/talents you bring to the job?

I actually didn’t apply for this position directly, but rather submitted general information about my skills and experience on the forums, and was offered the position based on that. As to skills and talents, though, I’d have to say a combination of long experience with Google Docs (and similar) along with a proactive nature are the biggest strengths I bring.

What kind of tasks do you do as the Director of FLoPs?

– Review Monthly Service Reports (MSRs) from COs to ensure they are completely and correctly filled out;

– Review Service Jackets (SJs) to ensure members are correctly listed according to ship/station;

– Evaluate ships and stations within the Ship of the Line Program (SotL) requirements, to see the level for which they qualify;

– Answer CO/XO questions about MSRs and SotL requirements, among other things. 

Can you explain what a ‘Monthly Service Report’ is?

Each month, every ship/station submits a structured  report to Fleet Operations detailing crew membership, the month’s activities (roleplays, social gatherings, community outreach, etc), crew transfers (both onto and off of the ship/station), and crew evaluations.

Why is an MSR so important?

Aside from ensuring that fleetwide documentation is correct and everyone agrees with each other on who is where, MSRs are a chance for COs/XOs to report on any activities they performed as a group. This data is used to award ships/stations for being active, among other things. Also, and more importantly to some reading this, the crew evaluations are key to tracking promotions status and even to writing promotion requests. They provide a running history of each member of the Fleet attached to a ship/station, and their accomplishments.

Can you tell us a little about the new Ship of the Line Program?

The full details are available in the UFS Membership Manual, but the short version is this: There are a number of levels established, each with requirements that must be met by the crew. Things like CO/XO qualifications, crew counts, and regular reporting are all factored into the level assignments. Level 1 is all that’s required to be commissioned – the shakedown program has been discontinued (with one or two exceptions who don’t yet meet Level 1 requirements). That means Level 2 (and higher, once the requirements for those are established) is entirely optional, and exists purely for bragging rights. That said, most current ships/stations are already at Level 2, so the Fleet is looking mighty nice!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Please remember to thank your COs and XOs for doing such great work on your behalf. I’m proud to be part of an organization whose chain of command so truly cares about its people, and I’m happy to help facilitate that care up and down that chain.