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This is a historical timeline of key events either known to or affecting the United Federation of Planets

Pre 20th Century

15 billion years ago The Universe was formed in the Big Bang.

More than 5 billion years ago The Guardian of Forever was asked its last question prior to 2267.

4 billion years ago The first humanoid civilization explored the galaxy, but found themselves alone. They spread their genetic material throughout many planets of the galaxy, so that life would develop similar to them.

3.5 billion years ago On Earth, in a region later known as France, amino acids combined to form the first proteins.

2 billion years ago A civilization thrived on Tagus III.

100 million years ago The D'Arsay civilization launched the archive of their culture.

20 million years ago Recorded Voth history in the Delta Quadrant began.

Millions of years ago The inhabitants of Organia evolved to beings of pure energy.

600,000 years ago The Tkon Empire became extinct when their central star went supernova during a period known to the Tkons as the Age of Makto.

Sargon's people established colonies throughout the galaxy.

Over 500,000 years ago The first civilization flourished on Bajor.

The planet Exo III became uninhabitable after the sun began to fade. The inhabitants resettled beneath the surface and constructed androids to serve them.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago The population of Talos IV was largely wiped out in a war. Forced to living beneath the surface, the Talosians developed their mental powers, while neglecting their technological knowledge and skills.

200,000 years ago The Iconian civilization was destroyed in a large-scale orbital bombardment of their homeworld. Iconian influence is still visible in many languages, such as Dewan, Iccobar, and Dinasian.

More than 100,000 years ago The subspace network which would be later claimed by the Hirogen is constructed by an unknown race.

50,000 years ago Horta of Janus VI began her latest cycle of rebirth.

The Planet Killer began its long travel through intergalactic space.

45,000 years ago Extraterrestrial visitors, known as the "Sky Spirits", visited a people on Earth who would become the indigenous inhabitants of America.

30,000 years ago The Verathan civilization, originally from the Verath System in the Gamma Quadrant, reached its height, spanning two dozen star systems.

22,000 years ago The first of at least 947 archaeological expeditions was conducted at the ancient ruins on Tagus III.

The Symbionts and Trill began life as a joined species.

10,000 years ago The machine/god Vaal on Gamma Trianguli VI was built.

When their sun was about to go nova, the Fabrini left their system on an propelled asteroid now known as Yonada

The Q Continuum began a new era of discovery, celebrating learning, dialog, and even humor from all across the universe.

Gint, the first Grand Nagus, codified Ferengi cultural values in a book he called the Rules of Acquisition.

The first of the Orbs was discovered by the Bajorans in the sky above their planet. Over the next ten millennia, a total of nine of these extraordinary objects would be found, inspiring revelations that shaped Bajoran theology.

Thousands of years ago According to Klingon Mythology, Kortar, the first Klingon, destroyed the gods who created him.

6,000 years ago Unknown aliens took several humans from Earth to be raised on a distant planet, to prevent Earth from destroying itself. Gary Seven would be one of their descendants.

5,000 years ago Vulcans began their mental suppression of emotions.

4,000 to 3,000 B.C. The Aldeans built a cloaking shield around their planet.

3834 B.C. The immortal Flint was born in Mesopotamia on Earth. He would be known under several different names, including Merlin, Leonardo da Vinci, and Johannes Brahms.

Around 2600 B.C. Anthropologists from the year 2769 witnessed the Pyramids of Giza being built.

2500 B.C. The star known as Sahndara went nova.

Around 850 B.C. The Vulcan monastery of P'Jem was built.

630 B.C. Bajoran prophet Trakor encountered the Orb of Change for the first time.

Around 250 The inhabitants of Vulcan engaged in terrible and destructive wars, a result of the violent passions and emotions that governed the Vulcan people. It was a savage time, even by Earth standards.

Surak led the Vulcan people on a path of peace and logic. His writings were collected in an artifact called Kir'Shara.

The society on planet 892-IV evolves on a path similar to that of Earth and develops a culture similar to Earth's ancient Rome, a remarkable example of Hodgkins' Law of parallel planet development.

Around 360 Dissenters who didn't agree with Surak's principles of logic left Vulcan. They settled on various planets, including Calder II, Dessica II, Draken IV, Yadalla Prime and Barradas III, the latter being the home of the Debrune civilization. They would later be known as the Romulans

Around 372 The Founders, weary of being hunted and killed by non-Shapeshifters, founded the Dominion.

Around 870 War broke out on Solais IV which would last until the 24th century

Around 900 Kahless defeated the tyrant Molor and united the Klingons.

930 The nation of Iceland on Earth forms the Althing, the planets first official parliamentary institution.

Around 1200 The Vissians developed warp drive

Around 1300 All life on Zetar was destroyed in a cataclysm.

The civilization on the planet Golana vanished.

Around 1350 Promellians and Menthars destroyed each other in an interstellar war.

Around 1368 The sun of the planet Kataan went nova.

Around 1372 The Klingon homeworld was raided by race called the Hur'q who stole the Sword of Kahless.

1484 The Vaadwaur homeworld in the Delta Quadrant was destroyed in a massive orbital bombardment.

Around 1570 Bajoran explorers travelled in solar sailing ships as far as the Cardassian homeworld

1666 Isaac Newton formulated his Laws of Motion

18th century A group of alien anthropologists known as The Preservers relocated American Indians to another planet to preserve them from extinction

1787 On Earth The Philadelphia convention formally adopts the United States Constitution

1800 Vulcans built their first starships to explore the stars

1815 The first attempts at international political cooperation on Earth were made when the Concert of Europe was founded.

1850 The Suliban homeworld became uninhabitable

1853 The last of several wars between the Denobulans and Antarans took place

1871 The Cardassian Union was formed.

1890 Guinan settled on Earth, concealing her alien origin.

20th Century

1914 On Earth, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne triggers the start of World War I. 8 million lives were lost during the conflict.

1919 In the wake of WWI, The League of Nations, precursor to the U.N. was founded on Earth in the hope of preventing further global conflict.

1937 Over 300 humans, including aviator Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan who disappeared over the Pacific Ocean, were abducted by an alien race called the Briori to the Delta Quadrant.

1939 On Earth The German invasion of Poland causes Great Britain to formally declare war, and trigger the start of World War II. 50 million lives were lost during the conflict.

1945 The United Nations was founded on Earth to replace the innefective League of Nations.

1947 In July of this year, a Ferengi shuttle crashed near Roswell, New Mexico.

1957 The Earth nation of Russia launched Sputnik 1 the first artificial satellite, and so started the planets space race

While observing the launch of Sputnik 1, a Vulcan ship crashed on Earth, costing one fatality.

1961 Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space

1958 On Earth, the American Space Agency N.A.S.A was founded

1966 Scientists on Miri's Planet began a "life prolongation project," creating a virus intended to halt the ageing process.

1968 The Enterprise travelled back to the Earth of this time where Gary Seven was on a mission to prevent a nuclear war. In the course of the events a nuclear warhead exploded only 100 miles above Earth's surface, as a warning to humanity.

1969 The manned Apollo 11 spacecraft lands on Earth's Moon. American astronaut Neil Armstrong becomes the first human to step foot on Earth's moon.

1971 Earth's first Space Station Salyut 1 is launched by Russia

1972 The Pioneer 10 probe was launched. It would be the first human spacecraft to leave the solar system, until it was destroyed by a Klingon Bird of Prey in 2287.

1975 The Varro generational ship began its long journey.

1976 Earth's space shuttle program starts with N.A.S.A's prototype Enterprise OV-101

1986 Captain James T Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise visited Earth with a Klingon Bird of Prey to take humpback whales to the future. They gave Dr. Nichols of the Plexicorp Company the formula for transparent aluminium.

The core module of the replacement Russian space Station Mir is launched

Late 20th century The technology of genetic enhancement used for the Augments was developed.

1990 - The Hubble Space Telescope is launched into orbit of Earth

1993 The Eugenics Wars begin on Earth. The Augments had risen to power and held dominance over a large portion of Humanity. Among the most notorious of these superhuman conquerors was Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

1996 Earth's Eugenics Wars are over, as Khan was overthrown. Khan escaped on a DY-100 Class sleeper ship named S.S. Botany Bay with 96 of his fellow genetic supermen.

1998 In-orbit of Earth, assembly of the International Space Station began. The ISS was a joint project among the space agencies of the United States (N.A.S.A), Russia (RKA), Japan (JAXA), Canada (CSA) and eleven European countries (ESA).

1999 Voyager 6 was launched from Earth. The probe eventually fell into a black hole, and emerged near a machine planet on the other side of the galaxy. It returned in 2271.

21st Century

2002 The Nomad Probe was launched from Earth on a mission to seek for extraterrestrial life. After a collision with the alien probe Tan Ru, Nomad turned into a deadly weapon seeking to destroy any imperfect life.

2004 Three Xindi travelled back in time to Earth. They hired someone to abduct Humans with different blood types, based on which they developed and almost released a bioweapon.

SpaceShipOne 15P becomes Earth's first commercially financed vessel to fly into space

2018 The Dax Symbiont was born

Early 21st century Captain Shaun Geoffrey Christopher commanded the first successful Earth/Saturn space probe mission.

2024 Captain Benjamin Sisko, Julian Bashir and Jadzia Dax materialized in San Francisco. Sisko and Bashir were taken to a Sanctuary District, where Gabriel Bell, who would save the lives of many hostages, was accidentally killed because of their presence. Sisko saved history by pretending he was Bell. Historical records now list Bell with Sisko's photo as the man who peacefully ended the riot.

2030 Zephram Cochrane was born

2031 The International Space Agency was founded, paving the way for humanity's early manned missions to Mars.

2032 The ISA spacecraft Ares IV with Lieutenant John Kelly vanished in a subspace ellipse while in orbit around the planet Mars

2037 NASA launched the spacecraft Charybdis on July 23, commanded by Colonel Steven Rickey. It was the third attempt to explore beyond Earth's solar system. The ship was declared missing after telemetry was lost.

2044 The space vehicle Charybdis, launched from Earth in 2037, arrived at the eighth planet in the Theta 116 System.

2050 The Andorians began to terraform a planetoid they called Weytahn near the Vulcan System

The conflict between the Andorians and the Tellarites began at this time

2053 Earth is devastated by a nuclear holocaust and World War III, resulting in the deaths of some six hundred million people. The planet begins its long journey towards recovery.

2055 The Vulcans established first contact with the Arkonians, who had just developed Warp Drive.

2063 Zephram Cochrane's Phoenix became the first manned Earth vessel to achieve faster than light speed. After the project had been endangered by a sudden Borg attack, the USS Enterprise-E crew helped Cochrane to complete the mission. A Vulcan survey ship noticed the Phoenix's warp signature and makes first contact with the inhabitants of Earth.

2064 In a commencement address at Princeton University, Zephram Cochrane mentioned details about first contact with the Vulcans, including "a group of cybernetic creatures from the future".

2065 The S.S. Valiant became the first Terran vessel to leave the galaxy. During the crossing of the Galactic Barrier some crew members developed superior ESP powers, and the captain finally initialized the self-destruct.

2066 The Ba'ku left their technologically advanced homeworld to settle in the Briar Patch

The United Earth Space Probe Agency founded

2067 Friendship One was launched from Earth only four years after Cochrane's successful warp flight. It is a deep space probe to contact other civilizations.

The Colony Ship Conestoga left for Terra Nova

2069 The Klingon Emperor died. He would be the last in this position until 300 years later when Kahless returned.

2072 Bajoran technicians constructed a traditional solar sailing lightship.

2076 The Colony Ship Conestoga arrived at Terra Nova, where it was deconstructed to form the basis of the colony.

2081 Contact with Terra Nova was lost when an Asteroid struck the planet

2088 The Vulcan T'Pol was born.

2090 The mining colony Orpheus on Earth's Moon was established.

22nd Century

2102 The ECS Horizon, freighter of the J Class, was launched.

2103 The colonization of Mars began.

2110 Earth finally became free of poverty, disease and war.

2113 United Earth was founded

2119 Zephram Cochrane officially opened the Warp Five Complex to build the fastest Human starship

2123 The Warp 3 Declaration Class USS Enterprise XCV 330 was launched

2126 Travis Mayweather was born.

2132 The Paraagan mining colony was established.

2133 Bajoran religious leader Kai Taluno, while traveling in the Denorios Belt, experienced a serious malfunction of his spacecraft and was stranded for several days. Taluno reported having experienced a vision in which "the heavens opened up", nearly swallowing his ship.

2135 Earth Starfleet founded

2137 On Vulcan, Syran found the vessel containing Surak's katra

2139 Charles 'Trip' Tucker joined Starfleet

2143 NX-Alpha, the first of the NX prototypes, was piloted by A. G. Robinson. It broke apart after Robinson reached Warp 2.2. Briefly after that, Jonathan Archer and Robinson achieved Warp 2.5 with NX-Beta on an unauthorized flight. The NX prototypes were grounded for three months after the incident.

The Suliban Cabal began attacking Tandarian colonies

2147 Starfleet began research on Forcefields.

2149 The construction of Enterprise NX-01 began

2150 All countries on Earth finally joined the United Earth Government

2151 U.S.S. Enterprise NX-01 commissioned

First contact between humans and Klingons took place.

Phase Pistols were introduced in Starfleet.

First contact with the Axanar took place

2152 Humans first visited the planet Risa

Enterprise NX-01 made first contact with the Romulans when the ship ran into one of their minefields.

A peace treaty between the Vulcans and the Andorians was signed.

2153 A probe sent by the Xindi attacked Earth, killing 7 million.

2154 A second, much more disastrous attack of the Xindi-Reptilians on Earth was averted, and the Sphere Network destroyed

2155 Coalition of Planets founded

2156 Romulan Wars begin

2160 The Earth-Romulan War which had been fought with atomic weapons ended with the Battle of Cheron.

Treaty of Algeron establishes Romulan Neutral Zone

2161 United Federation of Planets, Starfleet, and Starfleet Academy founded

Charles "Trip" Tucker died in self-sacrifice on Enterprise NX-01 briefly before the ship was decommissioned.

2165 Sarek of Vulcan, Son of Skon, Grandson of Solkar was born.

2166 Deneva was colonized by the Federation.

2167 The starship USS Archon was destroyed by Landru in the orbit of Beta III in the star system C-111.

Late 2160's Tombs of the First Hebitian civilization were uncovered on Cardassia Prime.

2172 Bajoran poet Akorem Laan embarked upon an interplanetary voyage aboard a traditional Bajoran solar sailing lightship. He disappeared in the wormhole, and his fate would remain a mystery until 2372 when the prophets changed the timeline and sent him back.

2196 Starfleet retired the last Daedalus-Class starships.

23rd Century

2215 Drema V began disintegration, forming an asteroid belt in its solar system.

2217 The starship USS Valiant fell victim to the war between Eminiar and Vendikar.

2218 The hostilities between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire began.

2222 Montgomery Scott was born.

2227 Leonard H. McCoy was born.

2233 James Tiberius Kirk was born in Iowa on Earth.

2236 The SS Columbia crashed on Talos IV.

2242 The battle of Donatu V was fought near Sherman's Planet, in a region disputed by the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets.

2243 Montgomery Scott began his career as an engineer. Richard Daystrom invented Duotronic technology for which he earnt the Nobel Prize and the Zee Magnees Prize.

2245 The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 was commissioned

Pavel A. Chekov was born.

2247 Contact with Friendship One was lost.

2249 Spock joined Starfleet.

2250 James Kirk became a cadet at Starfleet Academy.

2252 Spock began his service on the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 under Captain Christopher Pike.

2255 The Sheliak Corporate and the United Federation of Planets agree to the Treaty of Armens in which the Federation ceded Tau Cygna V to the Sheliak.

2263 150 colonists under the leadership of Elias Sandoval left Earth to settle on Omicron Ceti III. The journey took about one year.

2264 The Vulcan Tuvok was born.

2265 The Borg destroyed Guinan's home planet. A small number of Guinan's people, the El-Aurians, managed to survive by spreading themselves across the galaxy.

2266 Peace was finally established on Acamar III, only the nomadic Gatherers continued their resistance against the new order.

Dr. Leonard H. McCoy was assigned to the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 as ship's surgeon to replace Dr. Mark Piper.

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 , under the command of James T. Kirk, made first contact with the First Federation.

After more than 100 years of isolation, a Romulan starship crossed the Neutral Zone and attacked Earth outposts.

Captain Christopher Pike, after suffering severe radiation damage, returned to Talos IV to live there.

First contact with the Gorn Hegemony turns into a skirmish.

2267 An old sleeper ship was found in space, and its passengers, under the leadership of Khan, attempted to take control of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 . Captain James T Kirk exiled them to a lonely planet.

Zephram Cochrane, inventor of the warp drive, was found alive, living with a non-corporeal entity.

The Babel Conference was held to decide about Coridan's admission to the Federation.

Richard Daystrom's experiment with the new M-5 Computer tragically failed when M-5 nearly destroyed four Federation Starships, killing hundreds of crew members.

Ceti Alpha VI exploded, throwing Ceti Alpha V out of its orbit.

A common colony of the Federation, the Klingons and the Romulans was established on Nimbus III.

2268 The Romulans began using ships of Klingon design.

A Romulan colony on Chaltok IV was destroyed in the explosion of a polaric power plant, leading to an interstellar ban of polaric power.

The Federation attempted to establish a first contact with the Tamarians, but their language was unintelligible.

2269 James T. Kirk was promoted to admiral, and head of Starfleet Operations.

2270 Capt. Willard Decker assumed command of the refitted USS Enterprise NCC-1701.

The Kes and The Prytt ended their diplomatic relations.

2271 The refitted Enterprise encountered a huge cloud heading for Earth. Lt. Ilia was absorbed by the entity calling itself "V'ger" and returned as an Android. "V'ger" turned out to be a machine built for the sole purpose of seeking the Creator of their distant relative, the space probe Voyager 6 that was launched from Earth a long time ago. V'ger, in the form of Ilia, and the Creator in the form of Capt. Decker finally merged into a new lifeform.

Klingon forces, under the command of Kor, won the Battle of Klach D'Kel Brakt against the Romulans.

2272 The Klingon Empire relinquished its claim to the Archanis Sector.

2273 Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan began working on a treaty with the reclusive Legarans.

2274 The colony ship Artemis departed on a mission to settle Septimus Minor, but ended up at Tau Cygna V, a territory given to the Sheliak.

2275 The Son'a, a Renegade Ba'ku faction, joined with offlanders in attempt to gain control of the salubrious Ba'ku homeworld, whereupon they were banished from the planet.

2278 The USS Bozeman disappeared in what turned out to be a temporal rift in the Typhoon Expanse.

Pardek became a member of the [[Romulan Senate], representing the Krocton Segment of Romulus.

2279 Admiral Mark Jameson was born.

A border treaty ended a conflict between the Navot and Paqu on Bajor

2282 Kirk, now retired from Starfleet, met his wife Antonia on a farm in Idaho on Earth.

2284 Audrid Dax died, and the symbiont was transferred to Torias.

Dr. Carol Marcus began her officially funded work on the Genesis Project.

James T. Kirk to returned to Starfleet.

2285 Torias Dax died after a shuttle accident, and the symbiont was transferred to Curzon.

Khan stole the USS Reliant and the powerful Genesis device that was able to create Class M planets from any form of matter. In the course of a fierce battle, Spock sacrificed himself to save the USS Enterprise from the imminent explosion of the Genesis device. In order to get hold of Spock's body to save his katra (soul), the crew of the USS Enterprise returned to Genesis. To avoid the capture of the ship by the Klingons, Kirk had to destroy the Enterprise. Spock was saved and his mind reintegrated into his body.

2286 When an alien probe on the search for the extinct humpback whales threatened Earth, Kirk and his crew travelled to the past in a Klingon Bird of Prey. They found two whales in the Cetacean Institute in Sausalito and after some problems with 20th century customs and technology, they managed to take the whales with them.

The Lornak clan of Acamar III killed all but five members of the Tralesta, ending a blood feud that had lasted for 200 years.

2287 Spock's illogical brother Sybok seized control of the Enterprise and with his telepathic abilities he influenced the crew except for Kirk, Spock and McCoy to head for the center of the galaxy where he believed was the planet Sha Ka Ree.

2288 Soyuz Class starships were retired by Starfleet.

2289 Federation negotiator Curzon Dax conducted difficult talks with Klingon representative Kang at the Korvat Colony.

2290 Hikaru Sulu assumed command of the USS Excelsior.

2293 Tuvok took a position as junior science officer on the USS Excelsior.

After the disastrous explosion of their moon Praxis, the Klingons offered peace to the Federation. A joined conspiracy of Klingon and Starfleet officers, however, tried to obstruct the peace plans by all means. The Klingon chancellor Gorkon was killed, and Kirk and McCoy arrested and condemned by the Klingons. After they were freed, they headed for the Khitomer Conference, where they defeated the traitors with the help of the USS Excelsior and Capt. Sulu.

2293 Kirk finally retired from Starfleet.

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701B was commissioned, but the maiden voyage turned into a rescue mission, in the course of which Kirk was seemingly killed, but was actually pulled into The Nexus, an energy ribbon that crossed the galaxy in a regular cycle.

2294 After retiring from Starfleet, Scotty embarked the USS Jenolan to settle down in the Norpin Colony, but the ship crashed on a Dyson Sphere.

2296 After their demand of independence was refused, the Ansata of the eastern continent of Rutia IV began a long terrorist war.

2297 The Federation made first contact with Ventax III.

2298 Tuvok resigned from Starfleet.

2299 The Bajorans began to colonize the planet Golana.

Early 24th Century

2302 The last Federation contact with Angel One prior to 2364.

Jaresh-Inyo begins his political career

2304 Tuvok abandoned his Kolinahr training and married T'Pel.

2305 Jean-Luc Picard was born

2309 The Cardassian Union formally offered help to the poor and underdeveloped planet of Bajor.

Federation Starships first explored the Indri System near Caere.

2311 Thousands of Federation citizens died in the Tomed Incident. Following the incident, the Treaty of Algeron was signed between the Federation and the Romulans in which the Federation was obliged not to develop cloaking technology. The Romulans subsequently went into isolation.

2319 The Multiplex Pattern Buffer was invented which eradicated Transporter Psychosis

The father of Mordan IV leader Karnas was assassinated by a rival tribe, which led to a crisis that involved the Federation and was resolved with an illegal weapons deal by Admiral Jameson.

2322 The Bajoran Wormhole underwent a brief subspace inversion.

2323 Jean-Luc Picard was admitted to Starfleet Academy.

2325 The Son'a subdued the Tarlac and the Ellora.

2327 Jean-Luc Picard graduated from Starfleet Academy.

2328 The Cardassian Union annexed Bajor, beginning a 40-year period of suppression and genocide.

2329 Chakotay is born

Duotronic circuitry on Starfleet ships was replaced with Isolinear Chips.

2331 The Federation established an outpost on Boradis III.

Benjamin Sisko was born.

2333 Sarah Sisko, who was possessed by a Bajoran Prophet, left her husband Joseph.

Jean-Luc Picard took command of the USS Stargazer.

Mid 24th Century

2335 William T. Riker was born in Valdez, Alaska, on Earth.

Geordi La Forge was born in the African Confederation on Earth.

Around 2335 Dr. Noonien Soong created Lore, but he soon exhibited a dangerous behaviour and had to be deactivated. Some time later he built another, less emotional android which he named Data.

2336 Deanna Troi was born on Betazed.

Sarah Sisko died in a hovercraft accident.

2337 Natasha Yar was born on Turkana IV.

Ambassador Odan negotiated with the inhabitants of Peliar Zel.

A spacecraft reported an encounter with an unknown lifeform in the Denorios Belt in the Bajor system.

The government of Turkana IV collapsed, leaving the planet ruled by terrorist factions fighting each other.

2338 Data was discovered by the U.S.S. Tripoli on Omicron Theta.

2339 After their general Ardelon Tandro had been murdered, his troops won the decisive battle in the civil war on Klaestron IV. It was not known at this time that Tandro, who was a friend of Curzon Dax, had actually betrayed his people.

2340 Worf, Son of Mogh, was born.

Ilon Tandro was born on Klaestron IV to the late General Ardelon Tandro and his wife, Enina Tandro.

Ro Laren was born on Bajor.

Medical researcher Nathaniel Teros conducted groundbreaking work with neuromuscular adaptation for low gravity species.

Yadera Prime in the Gamma Quadrant was conquered by the Dominion.

2341 Jadzia was born on Trill.

Data entered Starfleet Academy.

Julian Subatoi Bashir was born.

2342 Ishara Yar was born on Turkana IV.

2343 Kira Nerys was born in the Dahkur Province of Bajor.

2344 The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C was destroyed by Romulan forces attacking the Klingon outpost on Narendra III.

Jean-Luc Picard met Beverly Howard for the first time.

2345 Kurn, Son of Mogh, was born.

2346 Kira Nerys' mother, an icon painter from the Dahkur province on Bajor, allegedly died of malnutrition in the Singha refugee camp, but had actually been transferred to Terok Nor to become a "comfort woman".

While the Mogh family except for Kurn visited Khitomer to find evidence for a treacherous plot by the Duras family, the Romulans attacked the outpost. Four thousand Klingons were killed, including the whole Mogh family with the exception of young Worf. The U.S.S. Intrepid, following a distress call, arrived too late, but Worf was rescued by Starfleet engineer Sergey Rozhenko who adopted the orphan. The Romulans didn't kill all the Klingons, but transfered nearly a hundred of the to a secret camp on Carraya.

War broke out between the Haakonians and Talaxians.

The Kazon overthrew their suppressors, the Trabe, in a bloody revolt.

2347 Julian Bashir underwent an illegal genetic alteration to improve his mental and physical abilities.

2348 Around a hundred Federation citizens, including Capt. Maxwell's family were killed in a Cardassian attack on their colony.

Annika Hansen, daughter of Magnus and Erin Hansen, was born in the Tendara Colony.

2349 Wesley Crusher was born.

Harry Kim was born.

After an absence of fifty years, Tuvok returned to Starfleet where he joined the crew of the U.S.S. Wyoming.

Dr. Paul Manheim's theories began to gain acceptance in the Federation scientific community.

Curzon Dax and Benjamin Sisko met for the first time.

2350 Beverly Crusher graduated with a medical degree from Starfleet Academy.

Miles O'Brien decided to enter Starfleet.

Benjamin Sisko entered Starfleet Academy.

A group of Native American humans settled on Dorvan V, near the Cardassian border.

2351 Amanda Rogers was born to two renegade members of the Q continuum on Earth.

The Cardassian military built a mining station, designated Terok Nor, in orbit around Bajor.

The Romulan science vessel Talvath, investigating a microscopic wormhole, made contact with the U.S.S. Voyager, 20 years in the future and in the

Delta Quadrant. Commander Telek R'Mor received a computer chip containing messages intended to be delivered to the families of the Voyager crew in 20 years.

Quark left Ferenginar to seek fortune of his own.

2352 A new era of peace began between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets.

Tasha Yar escaped from Turkana IV

2353 Tora Ziyal was born.

Kira Meru died as Gul Dukat's mistress.

Geordi La Forge entered Starfleet Academy.

2354 The Hansens left for their research mission on the starship Raven.

Jack Crusher, officer aboard the U.S.S. Stargazer under the command of Jean-Luc Picard, died on an away mission.

Dr. T'Pan, became director of the Vulcan Science Academy.

2355 Kira Nerys joined the Shakaar resistance group on Bajor.

Jake Sisko was born to Jennifer and Benjamin Sisko.

Worf celebrated his second Age of Ascension.

2356 The war between the Haakonians and Talaxians ended when the Talaxians surrendered after the explosion of the metreon cascade on Rinax

William Riker graduated from Starfleet Academy.

After following the Borg for nearly three years, the Hansens were assimilated. Their ship was partially assimilated but later abandoned in B'omar

2357 Geordi La Forge graduated from Starfleet Academy.

Worf and Nikolai Rozhenko entered Starfleet Academy.

The Talarians attacked the Federation colony on Galen IV, killing most of the population.

The Shakaar resistance group liberated the notorious Gallitep labor camp, the site of numerous atrocities committed against Bajorans imprisoned there. The camp commandant was Gul Darhe'el.

2358 Nikolai Rozhenko, left Starfleet Academy.

A civil war broke out among the inhabitants of the Parada system in the Gamma Quadrant.

2359 Worf and K'Ehleyr had an unresolved romantic relationship.

The civil war on Mordan IV ended

2360 Gul Dukat became Prefect of Bajor

Bajoran resistance leader Li Nalas was believed killed, but actually imprisoned by the Cardassians.

Bajoran scientist Dekon Elig and his medical assistant, Dr. Surmak Ren, were captured by the Cardassian military and sent to the Velos VII internment camp (DS9: "Babel").

The Federation starship Tombaugh was assimilated by the Borg.

2361 Worf graduated from Starfleet Academy.

Lt. William Riker, previously assigned to a Starfleet facility on Betazed, accepted a posting to the starship Potemkin. He broke up with Deanna Troi.

During a rescue mission on Nervala IV, Lt. Riker's patterns were doubled in a transporter accident. It is not known until eight years later that a second Riker materialized on the planet's surface.

Rom left his homeworld of Ferenginar to seek his fortune.

2362 Dr. Crusher underwent training to advance to the rank of commander.

2363 Prof. Gegen first published his Distant Origin Theory.

The changeling Odo was released from the research lab on Bajor.

Dr. Farallon began work on a revolutionary new particle fountain mining technology on Tyrus VII-A

Gul Darhe'el, known as "The Butcher of Gallitep," died.

The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701D was commissioned

The U.S.S. Olympia begins an eight-year-mission in the Beta Quadrant.

Late 24th Century

2364 Nick Locarno was accepted as a cadet at Starfleet Academy on Earth

Commander William Riker declined the opportunity to command the starship USS Drake

The USS Enterprise encountered Q, a seemingly omnipotent being, for the first time

First official contact was made with the Ferengi

The Traveller accidentally transferred the USS Enterprise-D into the Galaxy M-33, millions of light years away

Natasha Yar was killed by an entity named Armus

Alien intruders attempted to take over Starfleet Command

The first official contact with the Romulans since 2311 took place

The Vulcan ship T'Pau was decommissioned and sent to the surplus depot Zed-15 orbiting Qualor II

Jadzia, a young woman on Trill, entered the Trill initiate program

2365 Doctor Crusher left the USS Enterprise-D and was replaced by Dr. Pulaski

Commander Riker took part in an exchange program and served on a Klingon ship

Q took the USS Enterprise-D to a remote sector, where they encountered the Borg

Kira Nerys, a member of the Bajoran underground, arrived at the space station Terok Nor to kill collaborator Vaatrik.

2366 Alexander, son of Worf and K'Ehleyr, was born

Relations with the Romulan Empire deteriorated when a Romulan scout ship crashed, and briefly later a high-ranking Romulan officer defected

Worf was dishonored for alleged crimes of his father, Mogh

Jean-Luc Picard was abducted and assimilated by the Borg. As Locutus he took part in the attack on Starfleet at Wolf 359

Starfleet began the development of a new type of heavily armed starship, the Defiant class, to be prepared for a Borg attack

The Cardassian personnel transport Ravinok was reported missing. Among the passengers were Gul Dukat's Bajoran mistress Tora Naprem and her daughter Tora Ziyal

The United Federation of Planets and The Cardassian Union signed a peace treaty

2367 The Federation fleet is devastated by the Borg at the Battle of Wolf 359

Duras kills K'Ehleyr, and Worf took revenge by killing him

Wesley Crusher enterd Starfleet Academy

Miles O'Brien married Keiko Ishikawa

The Enterprise-D successfully prevented the Romulans from supporting the Duras family in the Klingon Civil War.

Worf's family honor was re-established

Captain Kathryn Janeway met Lieutenant Tuvok for the first time

Curzon Dax died, and the symbiont was transplanted to Jadzia

2368 Keiko O'Brien gave birth to her daughter Molly

The Ktarians tried to take over Starfleet by hypnotizing starship officers

Vulcan Ambassador Sarek died.

A Romulan proposal for reunification with Vulcan, initially supported by Spock, turned out to be a ruse to conquer the planet.

Hekaran scientist Rabal announced his support for the controversial theoretical models devised by his sister, Serova, suggesting that the continued use of warp drive was damaging the fabric of space

Starfleet commissioned the first runabout, a new type of small interstellar vessel

Elim Garak, a member of Cardassia's powerful Obsidian Order, was exiled to Terok Nor

2369 After spending decades in a transporter beam, Montgommery Scott was found alive on his starship that crashed on a Dyson sphere.

Tensions with the Cardassians rose when Picard was lured into a trap and Cardassian vessels gathered for an attack on the Federation

Evidence was found that all humanoid lifeforms in the galaxy shared common ancestors

A clone of Kahless became Klingon Emperor.

A duplicate of William Riker was found who had been created through a transporter accident years ago

The Cardassians finally retreated from Bajor.

Cardassian space station Terok Nor falls under joint administration of Bajor and the Federation

A stable wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant was discovered, and the space station DS9 was moved to its entry.

The entities living in the wormhole, the Bajoran Prophets, declared station commander Benjamin Sisko their Emissary

Kai Opaka was killed on a penal colony in the Gamma Quadrant

The Velos VII internment camp, used by the Cardassians for the imprisonment of Bajoran nationals, was closed.

2370 A general speed limit of Warp 5 was introduced when it was discovered that warp drive damages subspace

Tensions between the Cardassian and a Federation resistance group known as the Maquis rose

Ro Laren defected to the Maquis

Wesley Crusher decided to leave Starfleet Academy and stay with the Traveller

A fanatic movement called "The Circle" attempted to overthrow the Bajoran government

The Ferengi tried to establish trade relations with the Dominion

The Federation had to prevent the Maquis from causing a full-scale war with the Cardassians

The Jem'Hadar destroyed the Galaxy Class starship Odyssey in the Gamma Quadrant

Kes was born on the Ocampa homeworld

The Maquis captured a Cardassian weapon of mass destruction which they called "Dreadnought" and reprogramed it to destroy the Cardassian fuel depot on Aschelon V

Dahar Master Kor was appointed Ambassador to Vulcan for the Klingon Empire

Ensign Harry Kim graduated from Starfleet Academy and was assigned to the new starship Voyager

2371 The U.S.S. Equinox was pulled into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker.

U.S.S. Voyager was prepared for launch at Utopia Planitia, Mars

Lt. Tuvok of the starship Voyager began his undercover mission to spy on the Maquis

The newly commissioned USS Defiant was captured by the Jem'Hadar

Thomas Riker, Will's twin, hijacked the Defiant to fight against the Cardassians. He was captured and condemned to prison

Romulans and Cardassians launched a common attack against the Founders' homeworld which failed and led to the complete destruction of their fleet

Benjamin Sisko was promoted to Captain.

The NCC-74656 was pulled into the Delta Quadrant by an entity called the Caretaker.

In the course of a battle with the Kazon, Chakotay's Maquis raider was destroyed, and his crew stayed on Voyager.

Kes from the Ocampa homeworld and Neelix, a Talaxian, joined the crew of Voyager too.

Species 6339 encountered the Borg for the first time, which led to the assimilation of 11 billion individuals

The weapons systems on DS9 were significantly upgraded to be prepared for a Dominion attack

The scientist Soran destroyed whole worlds striving to get back into the Nexus, an energy ribbon moving through the galaxy. In his effort to stop him and save the Veridian system, Picard got unexpected help from James T Kirk, who had actually spent the last 78 years inside the Nexus. They succeeded, but Kirk loses his life, and the Enterprise-D saucer crashed on Veridian III

2372 The Klingons invaded Cardassian space, allegedly because they suspected that shapeshifters had taken over the government.

When the Federation rescued members of the Cardassian government, DS9 was subject to a Klingon attack too, but withstood the attackers.

Worf joined the crew of DS9

Earth's power net was disabled by Admiral Leyton, who wanted to establish a military government to be prepared for a Dominion attack

Odo was transformed into a human being as a punishment for killing one of his kind

Voyager discovered a planet inhabited by humans who were abducted by aliens a long time ago

Tom Paris broke the transwarp barrier and mutated to a different lifeform

Section 31 infected Odo with a deadly virus, supposed to erase all Founders

2373 General Martok was captured by the Dominion and replaced with a shapeshifter

On a covert mission in the heart of Klingon territory, Sisko, Odo, O'Brien and Worf uncovered a changeling in the shape of General Martok

Head of the Obsidian Order Enabran Tain died in a Dominion prisoner camp

Gul Dukat announced that Cardassia was now a member of the Dominion.

A changeling, disguised as Julian Bashir, attempted to turn the Bajoran sun into a nova

An open war between the Federation and the Dominion broke out when the Dominion conquered DS9

A civil war struck the Q Continuum

A reptile species of the Delta Quadrant, the Voth, turned out to have lived on Earth millions of years ago

Janeway forged an alliance with the Borg against a common enemy, Species 8472. When the alliance broke up later, one Borg stayed aboard, Seven of Nine.

A Borg cube attacking Earth was destroyed, however, the Borg travelled back to the year 2063 to prevent Cochrane's warp flight and the first

Terran-Vulcan contact. The Enterprise-E crew had to correct history.

While an away team helped Cochrane, the Borg were taking over the Enterprise-E, and Data was kidnapped by them. Picard reluctantly ordered the self-destruction, but he also tried to free Data. Data, pretending to work with the Borg Queen who had provided him with human sensations, finally managed to kill the Borg before the ship blew up

2374 The Federation, with help from the Klingons, reconquered DS9

Worf and Jadzia Dax married

The Romulans joined the alliance against the Dominion when their ambassador was seemingly killed by the Dominion

The Anti-Dominion alliance conquered the Chin'toka system in a large-scale attack.

Jadzia Dax was killed by Gul Dukat

Seven of Nine's human appearance was largely restored.

Kes, whose powers become threatening, left Voyager

Voyagers first successful contact with the Alpha Quadrant was established

The Evora civilization acquired warp drive which qualified them to become a Federation protectorate

Bolian officer Hars Adislo presented a paper on thermionic transconductance on the Nel Bato Conference

2375 The Dax symbiont was implanted into Ezri.

Captain Sisko found out that his true mother is a Bajoran Prophet

Sisko and Kasidy Yates got married

The Breen joined the Dominion.

The USS Defiant was destroyed in a battle against the Dominion

After he had killed corrupt leader Gowron, Worf declared Martok Chancellor of the Klingon Empire

Captain Sisko took command of a new USS Defiant.

Rom became Grand Nagus of the Ferengi when Zek retired

When the Cardassians turned against the Dominion, 800 million were killed in a genocide.

The Dominion War ends

Sisko killed Dukat and joins the Bajoran Prophets in the Celestial Temple

An advanced shuttle, the Delta Flyer, was built

Voyager discovered that Species 8472 was preparing for an attack on Earth, and a preliminary peace agreement could be reached

Voyager encountered another Federation starship lost in the Delta Quadrant, the Equinox

2376 The Federation and the Son'a were planning to relocate the peaceful Ba'ku in order to exploit the metaphasic particles surrounding their planet. Picard and his crew took the part of the Ba'ku and defended their way of living. Ru'afo of the Son'a, however, wanted to fulfill his mission at any cost. After trying to beam out the Ba'ku by force, he attempted to use his particle collector without evacuating the planet, which would kill all inhabitants. Luckily he was stopped in time. A reconciliation took place, as it is revealed that the Son'a were actually the same race as the Ba'ku and left the planet 100 years ago

Reginald Barclay managed to contact Voyager through the MIDAS Array

Unimatrix Zero, a place where Borg can keep their individual lives, was lost, but the inhabitants kept their individuality, forming a resistance movement

2377 Voyager encountered an ancient Klingon ship, searching for a savior who was believed to be the unborn daughter of Belana Torres

A real-time communication with the Alpha Quadrant was established through the MIDAS Array

Neelix left Voyager to stay on an isolated Talaxian colony

2378 The Borg Unicomplex in the Delta Quadrant is destroyed

U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 returns home via a Borg Transwarp conduit, destroying a Borg Transwarp hub in the process

2379 The entire Romulan Senate is assassinated in a coup by Shinzon of Remus. He is soon deposed, but the Empire is left in disarray.

The USS Enterprise-E undergoes a major repair and refit and resumes its mission of exploration. About half of her crew transfers to other posts during the months-long overhaul, including senior staff officers William T. Riker and Deanna Troi, who are posted on the USS Titan.

The Federation attempts to mediate power-sharing talks between the numerous Romulan and Reman factions. An agreement is eventually reached whereby Remus is made a protectorate of the Klingon Empire and the Reman people allowed to settle on a Romulan continent.

The Federation begins providing material and humanitarian aide to the devastated Romulan Star Empire, and attempts to facilitate negotiations for the re-establishment of permanent government.

2380 The Klingon Empire agrees to make the planet Remus and the Remans their protectorate.

Tal'aura, one of the few remaining members of the Romulan Senate and a former ally of Shinzon, declares herself the new Praetor, supported by Fleet Commander Tomalak as the new leader of the Imperial Defense Force.

At a diplomatic conference, the Klingon Empire agrees to end its expansionist policies.

The Founder known as the Female Changeling is sentenced for crimes committed against sentient beings during the Dominion War and committed to the Federation maximum security facility at Ananke Alpha.

Ro Laren surrendered to Starfleet custody. A former member of Starfleet who defected to the Maquis in 2370, Ro plead guilty to charges of desertion and was ordered to report to a penal facility on Earth for rehabilitation.

Federation analysts continue to monitor the deepening economic crisis on Cardassia Prime.

Experts at the Daystrom Institute predict that without more successful projects like the Andak initiative, the Cardassian Union could fall in as little as three years.

2381 United Federation Starfleet founded by authority of the UFP

UFS history continues here

Starfleet monitors the deteriorating state of the Romulan Star Empire, which is moving toward open civil war.

Spock presents a formal request for aid for the Unification movement to the Federation Council, which agrees to take the matter under consideration.

A coalition of planets led by Bajor demand that members of the Cardassian government and military stand trial for crimes against sentient beings for actions taken during the Occupation of Bajor and the Dominion War.

Starfleet celebrates the start of construction of the USS Stargazer-A at the San Francisco Fleet Yards. The Stargazer-A and her sister ships will be the first of a new class of starships designed for scientific research and exploration.

The Caeliar, with captain Erika Hernandez among them, are rediscovered by the crew of the USS Titan in the Beta Quadrant.

The Borg Collective starts attacking the United Federation of Planets. After Starfleet defends Khitomer against the Borg, Klingon Chancellor Martok succeeds in assembling the Klingons to fight alongside the Federation. The Borg Collective invades the United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire, Imperial Romulan State, and most other inhabited worlds within the Federation's sphere of influence, attempting to exterminate the Federation; the assault leads to 63 billion deaths.

The Caeliar, with assistance from Erika Hernandez, are able to destroy the Borg Collective – resulting in a trillion former Borg drones being released and lost. They are all absorbed by the Caeliar and their gestalt. The Borg no longer exist

Some adversaries of the Federation, including the Breen, the Gorn, the Tholians, the Romulan Star Empire, the Tzenkethi Coalition and the Kinshaya form the Typhon Pact as an antagonist to the Federation, making use of the temporary weakness of the Federation after the devastating Borg invasion attempt.

2382 The unstable situation of the Romulans continues to be a source of concern for the Alpha and Beta quadrants.

Seeking to stabilize the homeworld, Praetor Tal’aura agrees to reform the Romulan Senate. Leaders of the Romulan-Vulcan Unification movement petition Tal’aura for representation in the Senate for themselves and the Remans, but Tal’aura declines to respond to their request.

The Klingon Empire takes advantage of the weak position of the Romulans to stage lightning strikes into Romulan space, retaking Khitomer and the sector surrounding it.

Admiral Owen Paris of Starfleet Research and Development orders that the Mobile emitter brought back from the Delta Quadrant by the USS Voyager be taken to Starfleet’s facility on Galor IV for study.

The Bajorans and their allies continue to press for the Cardassians to surrender members of its government and military to stand trial for war crimes. But over the course of four months, 472 Cardassians wanted by the Bajorans disappear from Cardassia Prime.

Ro Laren completes her time in Federation custody and returns to Bajor. She accepts a commission in the Bajoran Militia and is appointed head of security for Deep Space Nine.